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for Team Jinchuuriki: Village Hidden in the Darkness

3/1/2015 c16 6WordySmith101
Maybe you should do a rewrite if you are going to change content? Just simply suggesting.
3/1/2015 c16 Itharax
I don't hate you. I'm just glad you are going to update! Even if you are going to rewrite the story. I'm just glad you are going to post some more because I love this story and i think it is amazingly great!
3/1/2015 c16 guest
Nah, take your time and get adjusted to writing again.
3/1/2015 c16 Eliphas-Chaos
Its great to see you back, nah I don't hate you for being gone, what was the pairing, i would suggest Naruto and Fu (the seven tails jinchuriki), its a great story with a very unique plot, one i haven't seen before so don't change too much of the content like Naruto meeting Gaara and having the Jinchuriki as cannibals, can't wait to see what you do next with the story
9/22/2014 c15 16zigmas
9/2/2014 c10 School Sucks
This story is awesome! This review would be in all caps but I read the (technical) chapter nine, so...
Your story is awe... some... Shit. It's three 'o nine. I have school in 4 hours. GOODNIGHT!
6/5/2014 c15 1jebbus132
This is rather interesting way to view Naruto as a cannibal. There is a only two other stories that come close to your Naruto, but in. Both cases Naruto did not have this good relationship with Kurama. You will most likely find your self amongst my favorite authors soon.
5/25/2014 c10 8WanderingMagician
5/25/2014 c2 WanderingMagician
5/4/2014 c15 strabimonx
Shit has hit the fan
3/22/2014 c9 kyle
dude nice flame rules nearly pissed myself from laughing so hard
10/6/2013 c15 Layla Riddle
Please update!
I love it!
7/25/2013 c15 11miltoran
I love all the gores and bloods. Damn right.
Write more gores and I love you more.

Oh right,
Permision ask to favorite this fanfiction, sir!
7/12/2013 c15 Random Chick's Pen
It's been over a month. Hurry up and update already!
7/9/2013 c13 Dracoessa
Oh danzo, you and your roots are going to go up in a blaze.
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