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for Team Jinchuuriki: Village Hidden in the Darkness

6/12/2013 c15 2willam and jack and jake
nice can't wait to read more
6/11/2013 c15 3WerewolfsTruth
Why are the Jinxhuuriki treated so cruelly?
6/11/2013 c15 1firetemplar415
Ooo nice cliffhanger :-)
6/11/2013 c15 NaiaLune
I'm really glad that you've updated! I've missed this story and have been incredibly antsy since your last chapter! Don't let the bad get you're 'WarFlower' (even your name shows your strength)
6/11/2013 c8 2Phoenix185
you know the sage gave them there names
6/11/2013 c15 Codename-ShadowFox
Looks like Sarutobi is on the warpath! Glad to see you're back Warflower and if you need help writing just ask me.
6/11/2013 c15 Guest
i wish people with stop with the fucking short chapters, how about not writing a short chapter and updating with it, oh, how about writing a long chapter and then update with it, christ,
5/29/2013 c14 Demoness6661
hahaha update soon please?
2/27/2013 c7 1KyuubiNaruto4444
awesome chapter that part with gaara was funny as well good luck
2/26/2013 c14 1erching
i gotta see more of this
1/12/2013 c6 Guest
still great like the angle this is going in also i feel like you made the would you rather game in this chapter a little weak i feel that it wouldnt be a hard choice to choose from considering the first one

women with aids vs man dressed as girl

drinking bad milk vs peeing pants in public
1/12/2013 c5 Guest
i just want to say plz make your chapters longer not that its bad there short but so far this is a great story which i like alot a few grammer errors which seem like you dont speak english very well because it seems like it went through a translator or something

anyways great story wish chapters are longer so more to read in each one and glad that you have a concept of time unlike some other writers who say naruto goes on a mission and like 2 hours later is already in wave country
1/12/2013 c1 Guest
PENIS 8D ( . Y . ) boobies

also nice first chapter
12/22/2012 c14 8red neo ranger
Loved it hope you continue it can't wait to read more now in the name of Kami I must read more naruto fanfiction
12/17/2012 c14 DarkWolf991
I loved this chapter, it certainly puts a spin on things and makes it more enjoyable, thanks for updating! And I love the way Kurama and Naruto are like mother and son... Update it soon!
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