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for Team Jinchuuriki: Village Hidden in the Darkness

12/14/2012 c1 1I'm Naruto Dude
lol i like it
12/9/2012 c14 nicholas
that bitch she's only confident cos of kurama and shukaku being drained when naruto gaara roshi and haku get free that slag will wish she'd never been born
12/9/2012 c14 TigrezzTail
Oh man, they are going to regret pissing off Zabuza. Not only that, but that witch is only brave because they are chained, sealed and locked away. She wouldn't be so brave if they were free and face to face.
12/5/2012 c14 NaiaLune
This story is AWESOME! It's by-far the story that I'm most excited about on this site! It's written very well, original, and makes me want to read more. Hurry with the next chapter (I can barely wait)!
12/3/2012 c14 10WarFlower
X.x I'm reviewing my own story! xP
12/3/2012 c14 2willam and jack and jake
are they going to eat them later?
12/1/2012 c14 Guest
oh yeah btw, you story is awesome.
12/1/2012 c1 big bad wolf
oh yeah, cool story bro(or sis, if you're a girl)
12/1/2012 c14 big bad wolf
You are not gonna killed off Hinata, are you? please dont do that, she too cute to die! pls dont kill her. NaruHina is the best couple ever (NaruMale!Hina also happen to be the ONLY yaoi couple I will ever read)

sucky gramma?yeah, I just suck at English
11/28/2012 c14 Guest
Naruto/Hinata is the most overrated thing ever next to Sakura bashing. I'm not even a fan of Sakura and I feel like the bashing is overdone.

Sasuke bashing is okay though. It's not a double standard, I swear!
11/28/2012 c14 Codename-ShadowFox
WarFlower, you're back! /Hug. Nice chapter BTW. Oh and thanks for the plug to birth of a sage D
11/24/2012 c13 LarunaSilverFox
I really love your storie its really gory but still preaty funny i like how zabuza interacts with naruto and garra( espeialy naruto!)keep up the good work i cant wate for the next chapter 3!
11/8/2012 c13 5ryuwar6
You need to write MOAR!
11/4/2012 c13 2willam and jack and jake
very nice can't wait to read more
11/4/2012 c12 willam and jack and jake
lol i love the the signs on there heads "DO NOT PET OR FEED!
WILL ATTACK AT WILL!" i almost died laughing
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