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2/20/2012 c5 11TrustInFaith
I loved it. Post again soon.
2/20/2012 c5 Ryoko05
hahaha let me guess, Rachel just found out that Santana is her mate? hahaha thanks for the update!
2/20/2012 c5 4We're A Two Shot
Thank god nothing fell off when Santana sat next to her! I love this world too.
2/20/2012 c5 8aquarius127
I love alien Rachel. And I like Tina too! She isn't a background character for once. I feel so bad for Rae :(. I wonder if she'll get with someone temporarly to make Santana jealous. Maybe Quinn?

So then eventually Quinn could get with Britt, and of course Santana and Rachel.

Looking forward to what's next!
2/20/2012 c5 Wulffmann
Now this is something different and I like it. I'm looking forward to reading more of the, hopefully, frequent updates.

Thumbs up!
2/20/2012 c5 1GhostWriter73
Love this entire concept! OMG!Alien!Rachel is a lot of fun to read and I can't wait to see how this all develops. I really like the slow reveal about her species and the teasing hints about what she's holding back. I also love the surprise that other aliens are amongst them and the possibilities that could come with that.

A big fat extra kudos for giving Tina speaking parts and *gasp* character development! It's good to see her shine a little and long may it continue!

Looking forward to reading more!
2/20/2012 c5 11AstronautZombieBerndi
Ahh, I am loving that you're loving exploring and creating this world.
2/20/2012 c5 5riverkirby
totalllllly loving this! so rachel is full alien, her new best friend is Tina now and mike will follow because he is awesome brittany will be there too of course ! and then Santana!

poor rachel tho.. being there next to santana... whom she likes lol

I wonder who brittany will be with. I go for Quinn or Artie. they are the only others beside santana and rachel occassionally lol
2/19/2012 c5 Abnab
this is so fun! great job!
1/28/2012 c4 2TheChosenSlayer5by5
Good story, keep up the work. I like Tina in this story, she's trying at least. Can't wait for more so update soon. :)
1/24/2012 c4 20Magemaster
Interesting...and Brittany relationship with her cat makes so much sense now.
1/7/2012 c4 5riverkirby
lol omg the band still are going on bout tentacles and then the nocturnal vampires! lol I am sooooo glad Tina is the one that isnt gonna let her being different stop them from being friends. Santana does seem to watch rachel alot lol
1/6/2012 c4 11TrustInFaith
I loved it. post again soon.
1/6/2012 c4 2Fj90
i love it
1/6/2012 c4 djsmith10186
New reader to this story and it is interesting. How did you come up with a story of Rachel being an alien? How does this story come in to play with being a santana and rachel pairing?
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