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9/16/2012 c1 PartyPalooza1414
Name: Stanley Olsen

Age: 17

Appearance: 6'3, muscular because he said that he had to keep and image when he lived in Los Angeles

Hair: short simi-sloppy hair with bangs that cover half of his forehead

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Tropical Tan

Camp clothes: orange camp t-shirt, worn-out jeans and his converse

Normal clothes ( up to three outfits): blue and white stripped v-neck,Richmound blue jeans, blue and wite checkerd converse

Formal clothes: grey dress shirt and bark blue trousers and a blue stripped tie

Daughter/son of: Hecate

Demigod powers: Spell-Casting, shape-shiftin,

Heritage: lived in Los Angeles until his father moved them to Manhattan

How they got to camp: his mother sceretly guided him to camp to keep him out of harms way

Weapon: magic wand, occasinally a sword

Gift from godly parent( if any): A travel-sized spellbook

Family: his father, William

5/22/2012 c1 Dramione2000


Age: 14

Appearance: 5' 5" thin because of swimming and high metabolism

Hair: red brown, slightly curly, usually worn with a headband

Eyes: hazel but at times can look bluish

Skin: clear slightly tan

Camp clothes: white, pink, or aqua, camp shirt and jeans, sneakers sometimes flats

Normal clothes ( up to three outfits):


Halter tops










Formal clothes:


Daughter/son of: Aphrodite

Demigod powers: charm talk, can create any hair style, outfit, makeup ext.,

Heritage: grew up in Connecticut knowing about all kinds of mythology

How they got to camp: her father brought her on her 10 th birthday

Weapon: bow and arrows and a celestial bronz, silver, and imperial gold knife

Gift from godly parent( if any): a locket that can transport you anywhere ( even to the past and future) and can change your apperdnce entirely She's had locket science birth she is the only one that can use it or you will turn ugly gross and disgusting

Family: her family is part Irish so that explains the hair and her father never has time for her and her stepmom hates her and treats her like a slave and her step siblings treat her the same as her mom even her step moms cat hates her

Oga oh and I wouldn't mind any romance
12/12/2011 c1 XxBreakevenxX

Name: Amethyst "Ame" Morales (I just noticed that all the girls here have names that start with an "A") :)

Age: 17

Appearance: She is 5'9 and has a slim figure because of regular jogging sessions in the morning.

Hair: Ame has chin-length, curly dark brown hair.

Eyes: Violet, like her dad's.

Skin: She has smooth, light tan skin.

Camp clothes: Camp shirt, acid-washed jeans and a pair of purple vans.

Normal clothes ( up to three outfits):

1st- http:/hellousdaily.com/wp-content/plugins/RSSPoster_PRO/cache/e18fd_everyday-outfit.jpg

2nd- http:/www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-set/.jpg

Formal clothes: A sleeveless plum satin dress with a low neckline and ruffle Trim back.


Daughter/son of: Dionysus

Demigod powers:

-The ability to create and cure madness and drunkness.

-The power to control/move/make or manipulate plant life with one's mind. (Chlorokinesis)

-Can summon/create plants to make juice or to strangle an enemy.

Heritage: Amethyst was born somewhere in Navarre, Spain where her mother lived. They stayed there for 7 years before they moved to new york for her mom's job. (Ame didn't

Know she was a demigod until they moved.)

How they got to camp: Ame and her mother moved to Montauk, Long Island for her new job as a landscape photographer. She was exploring while her mom took picture when she went to half-blood hill by accident (oh, and with monsters trailing from behind) and her mother never found her again. Three years later, she heard about her mom (She became a bit famous) suffering from lung cancer. It is currently unknown if her mother, Mercedes Morales is still alive to this day. But there have been some reports of her death in 2004

Weapon: A bottle of OJ that turns into a battleaxe when she has to fight some monsters.

Gift from godly parent( if any): A can of coke zero that is never empty.

Family: Mercedes Morales (Mother. Famous photographer for a wine brand. April 12 1958-unknown.)

Other Stuff: You can pair Ame up with anybody. (A guy, demigod)
12/10/2011 c1 1The Optimal Oz

Name:Matt Myers


Appearance:He is 6'2 and has a very muscular build.He is kinda bulky.

Hair:Black spikey hair

Eyes:blue eyes that make him always look like he is glaring.

Skin:has a light tan

Camp clothes:blue jeans a red camp shirt and a black jacket and black and red nikes.

Normal clothes ( up to three outfits):blue jeans,a black oakland raider football jersey and black and white nikes.

Formal clothes:black dress pants,a black tie,a white dress shirt,and a black blazer.

Daughter/son of:Ares

Demigod powers:He can sense weapons and is a great fighter.

Heritage:He and his mom have lived in New York ever since he was born.

How they got to camp:He was walking home from a party with his freind when they were attacked by a hell hound.Matt' freind pulled a knife and a sword out of no where and gave Matt the sword.Matt and his freind managed to kill the hellhound but his freind was wounded.His freind gave him directions to camp but when they got there Matt's freind died.

Weapon: a flashlight with two buttons .You press one button it turns into a sword and you press the other it turns into a spear.

Gift from godly parent( if any):A watch that turns into a sheild.He can pick it up easily but any other demigod,mortal,or monster can't.

Family:His mom Maria Myres

other:can he be in a relationship.
12/10/2011 c1 PercyJacksonlover.et
Name:Eddie Swell



Hair:brown,kind of curly and unruly

Eyes:light brown

Skin:white,kind of pale

Camp clothes:camp shirt,khakis and sneakers

Normal clothes ( up to three outfits):t-shirt jeans or khakis and sneakers or converse

Formal clothes:black dress pants,light yellow dress shirt,black tie and shoes

Daughter/son of:Hermes

Demigod powers:whatever a son of Hermes can do?...

Heritage:He was born in Tennessee and always was told by his mom about being a demigod.He goes to camp during the summer and then goes back home.

How they got to camp:a satyr


Gift from godly parent( if any):none,has never met Hermes

Family:His mom Julie

12/9/2011 c1 4apple444
Name:Zachary Pride


Appearance:described as extremely "hot and handsome mixed into one"

Hair:dark brown,slightly wavy,almost touches his eyes

Eyes:azure blue

Skin: caucasian with a tan from being outside so much

Camp clothes:camp shirt or tight v neck t shirt,khaki shorts or dark jeans,converse, vans or sneakers

Normal clothes ( up to three outfits):tight t-shirt,dark denim jeans,sneakers or vans

Formal clothes:black dress pants, shoes and tie,light blue or red dress shirt

Daughter/son of:Hermes,Hephaestus or Apollo whichever on helps your story better

Demigod powers:depends on which parent you choose for him

Heritage:His mother, Penny and him have lived in New York all their lives

How they got to camp:was helped by a satyr


Gift from godly parent( if any):none

Family:Penny his mother


Could you pair him up with the submission Angelina Valentine?
12/9/2011 c1 viodedaccount0000000
Name:Angelina Valentine


Appearance:very beautiful girl

Hair:black,just above her mid-back, ringleted waves

Eyes:big dark brown


Build:she is petite, standing at 5'2

Camp clothes:pink version of camp shirt,denim cut off shorts,slightly worn out sneakers

Normal clothes ( up to three outfits):Here's a link then-


Formal clothes:short, slightly puffy light pink dress with white lace design,light pink heels

Daughter/son of:Aphrodite

Demigod powers:charm speak

Heritage:She was born in Florida, moved to New York at age 7 with her father to stay by camp

How they got to camp:her father dropped her off when she was 7

Weapon:2 small daggers with Valentine written in small cursive on both of them

Gift from godly parent( if any):her daggers

Family:Her father, Darryl Valentine

OGA,also could she have a romance?
12/9/2011 c1 13ArtemisRide

Name: Alyssa (Ally) Li

Age: 16

Appearance: She's 5ft8, 120lb, and very lean with slight curves.

Hair: She has straight black hair that goes to mid-back and side-bangs.

Eyes: She has sky blue eyes that are a bit too big for classical beauty, but still cute. They are almond shaped and slightly slanted.

Skin: She has clear tan skin.

Camp clothes: Gold converse or blue nikes, yoga pants or boot cut jeans,and a camp t-shirt

Normal clothes ( up to three outfits):

1st outfit: Gold converse, dark-wash skinny jeans, and Aeropostale shirt.

2nd outfit: Long bailey button Uggs, ultra-skinny dark-wash jeans, hollister shirt.

3rd outfit: Gold converse, ultra-skinny dark-wash jeans, and a hollister shirt.

During the fall she wears a black peacoat outside, during the winter she wears a dark blue puffer outside, and during the spring she wears a light blue windbreaker on windy days.

Formal clothes: Dark blue halter neck dress that is tight to the waist, but then gets flowy. It is knee legnth. She also wears black flats.

Daughter/son of: Apollo

Demigod powers: She is a healer and great at archery. She also is extraordinarily bad at poetry (especially haikus), but hey that's an inherited trait.

Heritage: Her mother was born and raised in China, but Ally was born and raised in Brooklyn.

How they got to camp: Her mother went psycho after Apollo left and started to abuse Ally by beating her and locking her in closets (she's now terrified of dark enclosed spaces). Her mother abandoned her at the mall when she was 7. A dracanae attacked, but a satyr named Graham saved her and took her to camp. Graham died a year later in a hellhound attack. Ally tried to go back when she was 13, but her mother officially disowned her. She stays year-round at camp.

Weapon: bow and arrow (she's a natural at archery)

Gift from godly parent( if any): Apollo gave her a god hair-clip shaped like the sun that turns into a bow and arrow. She wears at all times unless she's using it to fight.. She has to slide it out of her hair if she wants to take it out to use it to fight.

Family: Her psycho mother, Lan Li, that used to be an extraordinarily talented pianist. Some of her talent was passed onto Ally. Lan is now married to a successful businessman named TianZhou Zhang and has a daughter named Liliana Zhang. Her step-father and half-sister don't know that she exists.

Oh yeah and Oga again for safety. Wo it feels like I have been participating in all your Syocs lately.
12/9/2011 c1 4OverusedInkPen


Appearance:Has a reall perky nose and just the right type of eyebrows. Her eyes have a sort of walnut shape.

Hair:Her hair is a dark curly brown with redish highlights that she got from being in teh sun to long.

Eyes: This girl has the rarest of all colors you will ever see. They are a caramel brown with a ocean blue line around the irises

Skin: She has a caramel coloered skin since her mother was a rather dark woman.

Camp clothes:The same as everyone elses A orange camp shirt with jeans.

Normal clothes ( up to three outfits):She has 3 pairs of jeans all with doodles on them from her bordem. Other than that she has a few of graphic tees all with some crazy drawing or saying on them. She mixmatches them with her jeans for a fresh look every time

Formal clothes:Since Autum is a tomboy she wants to go with the least dressy thing possable witch started as a plain white dress and after she bought it she splattered it with blie paint!

Daughter/son of:She is the Daughter Of Apollo

Demigod powers:She has a sort of power/curse. She knows whats gonna happen. Its as if time freezes and she knows her every move.

Heritage:This girl is from New Orleans where the rest of her family lives today. Her mother was half French which makes her a third after her birth.

How they got to camp:She kinda wander into it unplanned. She was on vacation with her mother on Long Island and they were walking around in the forest and suddenly she just wandered into it.

Weapon:A bow DUH thats the kind of girl that Autum is. She Perfers staying on the side limes as an archer unless nesscary.

Gift from godly parent( if any): her gift was simply a jornal for her doogling and many many writings. There was a simple magic in this book that Autum never knew about. The jornal has an identical which Apollo keeps with him all the time and every now and them she would open up the book and all of his daugters writings and doodles would appear on the very pages that she had written on.

Family:Her mother was a rather dark skinned woman

thats where she got her caramel colored skin from. Autums mother was named Lily and every other year Lily and Autum would go every where on a sory of 'bonding trip' and they had fun away from the life that was left in New Orleans. Lily did marry a man who was super duper rich andall the maids and butlers that lived at the huge mansion kept her Demi got scent covered.


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