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2/1/2012 c1 23CreepingMuse
This song is my new obsession, thanks to you, and you've captured the emotion beautifully here.

As always with your writing, it's the smallest moments that get me the most, the ones that seem like afterthoughts but can't possibly be: Elena remembering her parents and Jenna, Elena so casually mentioning she would have given up Stefan for Jeremy. So often I think we get caught into the sweeping romance that it's easy to forget that it's the family relationships that really form the bedrock of the show.

And the realization that she was using Stefan as a way to fill every hole in her life? Brilliant. Fantastic. I've always sought a way to express that and failed, and you said it so beautifully. That's why they could never last: one person can never truly be your whole world.

Oh yeah, there's Damon and Elena stuff, too. Love that you acknowledge that Elena knew of Damon's love and used him anyway as a way to make the pain stop, loved the little spin you put on their training sessions. What upsets me is that there are only two more TVD stories of yours that I haven't read, so I'm going to run out soon. Hurry up and write more. ;)
12/21/2011 c1 17Last Marauder of Five
So sweet!

I loved the way that you described Elena's doubts about her relationship with Damon, when he was there for her.

Elena was very well-written, as well as the story.

Keep writing!
12/11/2011 c1 proudwlw
Awww I love this! Elena should just let herself love Damon! They both need each other

12/11/2011 c1 16Annalay
I just love that song so much and you make it even more wonderful it fit perfectly to this situation! so sweet!

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