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for Alternate Ending to Frostbite

11/8/2017 c25 Guest
I DO NOT like tasha! She's evil and manipulative. I simply hate the fics where she's good and right...she's not and that's why sorry but this wasn't my cup of tea.
5/11/2016 c25 VAForever
3/17/2015 c24 7Dimitri's Secret Lover
good luck with finals and such!
10/21/2014 c23 dimitriXroza100
You should continue with it
9/14/2014 c23 Dimitri's Secret Lover
Please let them play happy family now! Maybe a romitri baby?
9/9/2014 c23 shelley.maldonado
It's just getting to the good stuff...update soon.
8/28/2014 c1 2Fey27
U will not believe how relieved I am to read this. I read frostbite for the fourth time and..MY HEART BROKE AGAIN :'(((
8/2/2014 c22 7Dimitri's Secret Lover
5/16/2014 c8 ds
what the hell I thought this was gonna be a rose and mason story! damn it
12/16/2013 c19 roro
he just admitted he left her for someone! he said ill never leave you for anyone else again...AGAIN. screw him and whats with that I always dreamed she would lead bullshit? rose is always the one starting their shit
12/16/2013 c17 sdk
wow this is stupid. hes fine but rose stays for three dayas and only gets up to use the bathroom,,,,thats alittle stupid isn't it. expecially since he left your ass in Montana and left with a woman that wants his babies! fuck him
12/16/2013 c11 bnmb
in your story I cant see why everyone is friends with rose...shes such a bitch to them! mase is her BEST friend and she treats him like shit...well I should say you treat him like shit...and rose shouldn't go to visit them! fuck dimitri mase and rose or Adrian and rose!
12/16/2013 c10 hnj
I don't give a fuck why dimitiri left..theres no excuse for his leaving ...actually I find it very fucking rude. he leaves and when he tells rose hes fucking mean about it...and to top it off...the real kicker is that he leaves with a woman that he knows KNOWS wants to have his children...KNOWS that rose is jealous of. oh fuck dimitri he can go fuck himself...what would you do if the man you loved left with a woman that wanted to have his babies? ya exactly!
8/19/2013 c21 Maddie
Please keep writing!
5/16/2013 c1 Guest
What is with read vampir academy shadow kiss.
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