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for Alternate Ending to Frostbite

5/13/2013 c19 Vampswols4L
4/28/2013 c18 4Lilliana Goldenleaves62442
Take as long as you need!

Xx LIlliana-Lissa xX
4/18/2013 c17 Guest
Please update!
4/1/2013 c17 1katkitty05
OMG. True love. :'(
3/30/2013 c17 bloodymaggie
Oh, your story is amazing. I love it :) I will be waiting for more ;)
3/29/2013 c17 Vampswols4L
Yahhh wake up for rose!
3/12/2013 c16 4Lilliana Goldenleaves62442
Don't worry, take your time! If your readers really love your work, they will wait 3

Xx Lilliana-Lissa xX
2/17/2013 c15 3INFAMOUSkidBlue
Ok, I love this story! You really know how to portray the characters, please update soon! And, if you don't mind could please try to write about Mason more?
2/16/2013 c15 1Yessi-love1619
Amazing Loveeeee your work .
2/2/2013 c15 Kathy
I think that they should choose Ben Barnes for Dimitri. He is perfect for this character.
2/2/2013 c15 Guest
I know me too ben barnes is cute and is more Dimitri like, but Danila is russian. Though i dont know how tall he is?
2/2/2013 c15 3MarnieG26
Dimitri and Lissa's characters are okay, but roses character, I saw her in suite life on deck and she's was good there but as Rose, I don't think so. But at least Dimitri is still hot!
2/2/2013 c15 1angelsfanfictions
i really wanted Ben to play Dimitri ever since i started read the books like 3 years ago i thought of him, now i have to think go someone else
1/12/2013 c14 Guest
please continue writing it so good.
1/2/2013 c14 1marvolosmorsmordre
I have an idea. Rose should ask Tasha what room Dimitri is in and go to it. When she opens the door he's awake. But, he lost his memory. She tries to help him but he thinks she is crazy. He vows to put a restraining order on her. She goes back to the Academy and gives Mason another chance since she does think he is sexy and felt something while holding his hand on the way to the Ski Lodge.
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