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for Alternate Ending to Frostbite

4/1/2012 c7 2DRAGON-HEIR1
Yay! Mase! Lol I think the pastor is him father seeing as he was raised by him mom. As for Robyn, she should call Collin and give em a chance that photo could have easily been made up! Lol I can't wait for the next chapter. Hopefully Mase and rose will have a full conversation later, It would be cool to see it lol Later days!
3/25/2012 c6 1READandWRITE11
short, but good. keep going! :)
3/21/2012 c5 4sneaky lunitic spy
i liked your facebook page just thought id let you know =)
3/4/2012 c4 2DRAGON-HEIR1
Yay yay! Lol so glad you updated! It was a filler chapter it seems likebut I hope Mase doesn't ruin things with rose. Getting dimetri in trouble might just make her hate him rather then love him. Can't wait for the next update!
2/26/2012 c4 4sneaky lunitic spy
no promises needed as long as you keep the chapters comeing ;)
2/25/2012 c4 4vampluva87
2/22/2012 c4 2we will all be tested
Love this! UD again soon
2/1/2012 c3 4sneaky lunitic spy
i love it
1/16/2012 c3 Guest
Since this is Mason & Rose story, does that mean that Rose won't be with Dimitri? Good story by the way. :)
1/15/2012 c3 2DRAGON-HEIR1
Awesome you updated! Mase wasn't in this chapter much but thats cool lol. dimitri and Rosa are acting a little too calm lol in my mind they they probably think Mason isn't going to find out. cant wait for the next update!
1/11/2012 c2 DRAGON-HEIR1
AWESOMESAUCE! Gosh i love Mason and Rose! lol there aren't many stories in their category and im glad your helping to keep it alive. I feel bad for Mase. He needs some loving and Rose needs to give it to him lol Even though it was short, i could feel his heartbreak when he said he would get Dimitri arrested. hopefully he doesn't do something that will make her hate him instead of love him. can't wait for the next update!
12/17/2011 c1 SilverFox125
Love this!

Hope you update soon!
12/13/2011 c1 2hannahbanana328
Loved it!
12/12/2011 c1 1majic91
I'm really interested in seeing how this story turns out! update soon!
12/11/2011 c1 2Liv it up 124
Great start to a new story! Can't wait until it develops further because it sounds really interesting.
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