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1/4/2017 c5 lovebooks2042
that was good
7/21/2013 c5 CountryGirl27
Fabulous job! I love the Cinderella story version with Hilary Duff! It's actually my favourite version! Great story! Loved every minute of it!
12/1/2012 c5 Guest
AWESOME story! Please write some more! (-)
8/7/2012 c5 angela
i love your story
7/18/2012 c4 kelsey
that was mean when they laughed at her
5/14/2012 c1 28LittleMissDramione
Anyone else here Chad Michael Murray and Hilary Duff in there mind while reading this. I did?.
1/16/2012 c5 Grace
it was so good I started yo cry
1/11/2012 c5 9Starstreaker
Too many typos. I didn't understand some parts.
1/6/2012 c5 1PrincessSkylar
Love it

It was perfect
12/30/2011 c4 PrincessSkylar
Love it perfect plz update soon
12/30/2011 c4 9Starstreaker
Hmm... My final reaction would come at the end of the story. Keep updating for me and you to find out. =)
12/30/2011 c4 1Purplicious Rose
So good :D I can't wait for the ending :P
12/26/2011 c3 9Starstreaker
as long as you update!
12/24/2011 c3 1PrincessSkylar
I love it a lot. It was perfect. I cant wait for next chapter .
12/24/2011 c3 PrincessSkylar
I love it a lot. It was perfect. I cant wait for next chapter .
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