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for The Picture in the Locket

12/26/2014 c2 20ZePuKa
This story has got mad potential... Love the way you pulled your audience in with the title and the first chapter, having the bait revealed as fantasy just before you reveal the conflict in the second chapter. I realize there's little chance of this continuing as it's 3 years stale, but I do hope you continue...
8/25/2012 c2 Jeremy
Interesting that you would choose for Simon to end up in the "friends" zone in the first chapter knowing she felt the same way about him. Only to have her get a crush on a jock in the second chapter, I don't know how you will pull it off but I hope Jeanette and Simon end up as a couple. Good story though and I am interested in seeing how this story unfolds in the later chapter.
6/11/2012 c2 9Chipettegirl4life
Great story so far! It's very good!
6/1/2012 c2 1Draco Malfoy Forever
Hey, it's me, Sam. It was pretty good(for a chipmunks fandom story) and very well written. Although, I'm slightly confused. It said that Jeanett was holding hands with and kissing the jock guy, and the teacher put her hand on Simon's shoulder, but in all the movies, they go to an all human school. So are they humans, or are they at an all chipmunk school now?
4/26/2012 c2 4CreativityShines
This is totally amazing!

Are you going to continue? I hope you do!

4/14/2012 c2 9Queen of Sneaks
Woah! I can't believe I just read that! Honesty, I was slightly deterred by the lack of summary, but decided to this out. I'm glad I did! Please continue this story!

~Queen of Sneaks
1/17/2012 c2 10Missuss
I figured since you leave such lovely reviews for me that i'd return the favor :) This story is so cute! I can't believe that Jeanette captured the heart of a jock. I'm guessing there's more to Luke then we/Simon know... I hope you update soon! Can't wait for more fluff :D

Much love,

12/31/2011 c2 21fairytwin
awesome story, please update fast!
12/29/2011 c2 annabellecandy
Oh my! It was all a dream? Excuse me while I go die. How can Jeanette be so stupid? I think that old woman is right - Simon shouldn't give up on his dreams.

Great work!
12/29/2011 c1 annabellecandy
What a wonderful story! That first chapter had me hooked. I must admit, I do like Simon and Jeanette stories so my heart leaped when I saw this.

Great work - I want to read more of this!
12/28/2011 c2 6PansexualKnight11
that was good can u continue the story plz. its really good
12/28/2011 c2 22mimibeebee
OMG thats kinda creepy lol i would freak out if my teacher knew anything about my love life xDD

but its also kinda cute...he took the class only cuz she took it :D


AHHHHH i cant wait for the next chapter hahah
12/27/2011 c2 40Miss Hal Gibson
Aw, poor Simon. :( This is really good. :)
12/21/2011 c1 22mimibeebee



seriously, almost NO ONE can write a proper chipmunk fanfic anymore! ! ! but this one...this...one.. right here...

just redeemed everybody, because that was probably one of the best Simonette stories IN HISTORY! ! ! ! ! ! !

it is an honor to be reviewing this story in its early stages lol

i hope you do continue it; its a little bit of a confusing ending, and im not quite sure what to think of it xDDD
12/14/2011 c1 1SnowfeathertheGriffin
This is really good! I can't wait to see how the rest of the story turns out :)
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