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8/8/2012 c19 lovefairytail007
haha funny stuff
8/6/2012 c19 2illogicalThinker
so cute!
7/25/2012 c19 Guest
how about on of the twins confesses that they have some kind of feeling to Arina and she thinks it's the other twin that is telling her his feelings. just an idea.
7/24/2012 c19 1DazMyUnicornBasturd03
Ok dude I know this is late but here I am reviewing lol. Continue this fanfic for your fans and me alright? Lawllawllawllawl. And dude why'd you have to read mu story D: you don't even know Teen Wolf fejosoddllc anyway continue writing dude! WHOOP WHOOP! Lmao I'm weird
7/22/2012 c17 MotherAiya
And, cue the awkward silence.
7/22/2012 c16 MotherAiya
So I liked it, but this chapter was painfully melodramatic.
7/22/2012 c14 MotherAiya sly S.O.B...amazing...
7/15/2012 c19 4Black Roses Wilt
Hahaha this is just to great! Please update soon; I love it! :)
7/13/2012 c19 6Daysky
7/12/2012 c19 11zippy
D'awwwwh! So cute! Maybe next... You could do a Hikaru POV chapter? That'd be cool. And he could start to like her :D
7/10/2012 c10 2Aurora's Fairy Tale
I really love your story! I find it funny and sweet. I feel for Arina. She is adorable. Keep up the good work!
7/10/2012 c19 15Siryn Tigress
poor girl! XD I can't wait to see what happens next! I shall be watching this story from the shadows!
7/9/2012 c19 11CrazyIsCreativeWriting
Omg I was think wow u really did change I hope it goes back the way it was bt either way loved it um no ideas yet bt ill think of sumthin ciao!

7/9/2012 c19 2Roses-are-in-Bloom
Awwwww, cute :3

I can't believe she punched him! :O poor Hikaru...

Update soon! :D
7/9/2012 c19 2mooncheese121
AAAAWWWW. I loved it! Especially when Hikaru was covered in frog guts and he made poor Arina clean him up. Although I don't know why he said the frog's name was 'Mr. Froggy'... Oh well, the chapter was still adorable!
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