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6/27/2012 c18 2Roses-are-in-Bloom
I had a feeling it was a dream :)
4/26/2012 c18 9miramisa90212
Aww... It's so cute! :)) update soon please! I wanna see their blooming romance! xD
4/18/2012 c18 Queen of the Squares
I'm too lazy to log in, yet am writing a review. Hypocrisy anyone?

Anyways, I can't wait for your next update! I'm really into this story. I don't have any real criticism, only a few personal quirks that most people probably don't care about, so I'm not going to write them down in a review. That would take too much effort.

I would very much enjoy for you to post the next chapter -I can't wait to see what Arina is going to do when she sees Hikaru now!

Also, it is going to be Hikaru/Ariana and Ayumi/Kaoru, right? Just wondering, since the last chapter kind of made my headcanon confused.

I like how you have Ayumi be the crazily obsessed Haruhi fangirl. I haven't read any story with that in it -although, I am very new to this side of the fandom. So, kudos for that!

By the way, I'm a very mean person and usually give harsh critiques, so you should feel special that I'm giving you a nice one!

These types of reviews are rare for me. I just wanted to put that out there.

So, I'll review later, Write on, and Goodbye:

~Queen of the Squares (And yes, I'm about to log in to add this to my alert list -not favorites yet, I will when it's farther along)
4/15/2012 c18 2illogicalThinker
this was kinda cute.
4/13/2012 c18 1DazMyUnicornBasturd03

BUT FOR A SECOND I THOUGHT HIKARU WAS A FUKING TEASE FOR A WHILE BUT NVM HE JUST BECAME A VERY FORWARD SEDUCTIVE FROG... OH GOD IN AWKWARD. ANYWAYS MY BUDDEH UPDATE SOON AND DONT MIND THE CAPS LOWER CAPS ARE UGRY. BAHA. DONE. And officially weirded out whoever has read this. Wooooooooo. Yeah im just trolling cuz im so hip. Dude i want to change my username to something one direction related. THAT WOULD BE SO AMAZAYN, FABULOUIS, EXTRAODIHARRY, BRILLIAM, AND PHENOMINIALL. See how i put harry and louis together? BECAUSE THEYRE SUPPOSED TO BE TOGETHER FUREBA! LARRY STYLINSON IS REAL ABD THEY ARE CLEARLY GAY FOR EACHOTHER AND YOUR JUDGMENT IS INVALID. WHOOP AB I PUT NIALL LAST BECAUSE HES BEAUTIFUL. Well i live all of them because one foes not simply have a least favourite one direction memeber. Hiwd i get here? Oh my i really am retarded. Well i just spammed your wall ye-ye. Ok bye love you no homo. That was awkward to say again.
4/12/2012 c18 1zippy
Awwwwwh! That was so cute. And idea wise... Maybe they could get partnered up in school? Or this dream could have some weird relevance to the rest of the story. Like they learn about frogs in science, they do a report on fairy tales, etc. Or maybe the first part of her dream could kinda happen, but instead something dramatic took place (same location though)
4/12/2012 c18 10RainbowsNSmiles5
Haha, cute little dream you had there, Arina. Very cute. ;)

Idea: Well, the next chapter can definitely be about Arina not being to think about the dream she just had about Hikaru. Maybe she will get a little embarrassed around Hikaru and try avoid him a little? I can imagine Ayumi picking up on that and torturing Arina by squeezing information about the dream to her eventually. *shrugs*

That's what I've come up with in less than 5 minutes, sorry. Didn't say my idea would be great! -.- But I hope that my lame ideas at least helped ya a little bit!

Keep up the writing! :)
4/12/2012 c18 10anne-lotr-hp
Aha. It was good. Not bad :)
4/12/2012 c18 30cookie-pocky-strawberry-love
Well finalllllyy lol u did good though different hope to see an update ciao!

4/12/2012 c3 4samasbananas
Runnin' into hosts, literally, seems to be quite the habit for Arina :3
4/12/2012 c2 samasbananas
Trippy shit man, trippy shit... :P

Love how she's getting mingled in with the twins :3
4/12/2012 c1 samasbananas
Yes! I love this! Just recently getting back into Ouran fanfiction :3
4/12/2012 c18 4anonymouseling

OHHH! I got an idea! I'll PM you in a sec!

3/13/2012 c17 ReaderWorm101
Please update soon!
2/19/2012 c17 anonymouseling
Awww, awesome fanfiction!

Totally love this!

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