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for Negative Twenty and Falling

10/1/2022 c2 sheilagilger
Loved the fluff!
Who knew!
Thank You!
8/8/2022 c1 it's simply me n you
Very nice story. Thanks for sharing a “fluff” story. It was great
6/21/2022 c2 Mimram
I love that you have added a glossary and explanations at the end of this story, they are just as entertaining as the actual story. super cute light read.
12/13/2021 c2 Luvntwilight
Love the info!
12/13/2021 c1 Luvntwilight
So good!
12/13/2021 c1 6yogacat
Ten-year-old fluff ages well.
11/30/2021 c2 PINKSAPPHYR
Well, you do winter fluff magnificently well. I loved it! Thank you :)
11/8/2021 c1 2Pa Trizia 88
Love your kind of fluff...(smiles)
Thank you for this sizzling excursion into the snow - the romance on a ski lift is one of a kind and you brought it all back! These luxury cabin surroundings and the final, beautiful release of four years of UST was the cherry on this wonderful snow cone's top!
Thank you for sharing!
8/26/2021 c1 Pattigirl23
I loved this story so much! So funny and sweet. Thank you for sharing
1/16/2021 c2 Barbell21
Ugh I loved this story so much! It was a one shot but it felt like a whole story which is rare with one shots! So cute, I love this Edward and I love this Bella!
11/16/2020 c2 8Sassyvampmama
Thanks for sharing this one with us.
1/25/2019 c1 diamondnightskies
This was all delicious and adorable! I love a good meaty story, but sometimes you just want something to make you smile and feel just a little bit giddy the whole way through. Thanks for that!
1/25/2019 c2 diamondnightskies
Well, I for one really enjoyed these notes since I know almost zero about skiing! Amusingly enough, I grew up in NY really close to Canada and less than an hour from Lake Placid (so between that and VT across the lake plenty of decent locations) but have never been on skis. I have always assumed that would be a train wreck just waiting to happen!
1/23/2019 c1 cctwilight
Edward wanted Bella as much as she wanted him. Great story! Loved it!
12/29/2018 c1 2mylittlebakersdozen
Sigh. I love this fic. Adore it. I read it when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m lonely, when I’m depressed, when all is right with the world. This ficlet makes *everything* better!
E and B are so stinkin’ sweet here that I want to slurp them up like a bowl of melting ice cream.

I’d still like to be in that hot tub instead of Bella, though.
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