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for Negative Twenty and Falling

12/13/2011 c1 Karandash86
i KNEW you had it in you! this was wonderful! i laughed so hard. i really like how you mixed funny in with yummy UST. soooo good!

12/13/2011 c1 11ordinary vamp
This was amazing! Fluff should be funny/sarcastic, or else it would get generic fast ;) I think you should your brand of fluff more often. This was the perfect wintery one-shot I've been looking for. I loved the (mostly) easy dialogue had between Edward and Bella. Edward skiing... epic. It made me want to ski, and I'm petrified of alpine skiing, lol. Very well done :)
12/13/2011 c2 bittenbyedward1918
this makes me want to go skiing! thanks for the glossary! (and the jokes embedded in here too!)
12/13/2011 c1 bittenbyedward1918
this was awesome! i loved every second of it! bella was so funny. her internal voice sounds so much like mine! i'm so glad you wrote this!
12/13/2011 c1 barburella
LOL, that was awesome! Made me laugh and swoon every other sentence.

12/13/2011 c1 adm01
Wow! That was awesome! I have a silly grin on my face. I loved falling with Bella and Edward. Thanks!
12/13/2011 c1 JB30
This was fantastic! Adorable Bella with laugh out loud thoughts, sexy skiing Edward that's just so sweet, and a little cabin lovin. What more could a reader ask for? :) wouldn't be opposed to perhaps, maybe? revisiting this gang again. If ya get the hankerin. Thank you so much for sharing. Made me smile. :)
12/13/2011 c1 songster
LOL. You never, ever disappoint, even when taking a walk on the wild side into fluffernutter territory. I loved it. I had to laugh because it brought back memories of my first foray into the world of downhill skiing. I was 12 and had a ginormous crush on my instructor, who was hot, could ski like the dickens and had a French accent. This should not be allowed IMO, particularly not with someone who understand's Bella's clumsiness.

Anyways, he nicknamed me 'Crash' because I had a habit of flailing my way and regularly running into the large little kid classes and wiping out several at a time. Apparently, I should be a downhill racer (OMG Robert Redford in that movie) because I had an affinity for the fall line. My body would automatically seek out the shortest, fastest route down without my express opinion. I became an expert at the snow-plow and was an epic turner, because if you keep turning and don't look down, you don't have to freak out about being up on a steep frigging mountain. LMAO.
12/13/2011 c1 1nerac
Oh, honey. You give good fluff. I absolutely loved this! I'm all happy-stupid-grin over here and wanting to go re-read it again from the beginning.

Happy Holidays!


12/13/2011 c1 20Maplestyle
I loved this! You do fluffy well!
12/13/2011 c1 1littlelizruth
ok i enjoyed siiward! he is so very sexy!
12/13/2011 c1 1vtgator
Wow, very nice and sweet! You may resume the angst now ;)
12/13/2011 c2 1loca37
You did good, Tinki Tinki!

It was fluffy, but not cheesy.

This is so hard to do.

Off the top of my head..Rochelle is one of the few that can do it.

I am proud of you. Well Done!

12/13/2011 c2 Tdot TwiFic
HAHAHAHAHA, you need to come to Whistler and lets ride. I keep thinking of starting/arranging a conference/convention for Twilight/FanFic in Whistler as I work at a hotel there. And people getting to Whistler would drive through Squamish where 4 of the 5 Twi movies were filmed and I think that would be a thrill for so many. And a reason for peeps to ski/board/hot tub/drink/eat and be merry and alive. I really do think I live in heaven. For the most part, co-workers can go fall of a mountain but that is beside the point. Plus, you never know what celeb stayed at what hotel or room, ha. (I do, cheeky cheeky)
12/13/2011 c2 3withany
. Should have said "hands".
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