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12/13/2011 c2 sahlamari
Like any good student, I read the glossary first. So I know what I'm reading about, since all I've ever ridden on snow is a sledge. You may think I'm nuts for reviewing a glossary, but I liked it. Anybody got a problem with that? ;-)
12/13/2011 c2 Britt01
Oh, btw, awesome title.
12/13/2011 c1 Britt01
Damn, woman! This was so freaking hot, and fun and awesome. You had me smirking and giggling and panting and yeah, yum! And actually, I think you've convinced me to go skiing with my reallyreallyreally good skier boyfriend. I've done a bit of skiing when I was younger, but not very good, and not for years. And while he wouldn't be teaching me, it might be a lot of fun to watch him carving up a mountain. Hadn't really thought of that part. Thanks! *g*
12/13/2011 c2 228
Hi, that was refreshing, and adding the glossary was really great idea too:)

It was different from what you've written and I like it a lot.

Thank you for sharing:))
12/13/2011 c1 vickigoesroar
Ridiculously cute and a lot sexy! So much fun to read!

So how much would it take to bribe you to write more of these guys?
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