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2/7/2017 c2 Guest
Are Narcissa and Lucious friends?
5/24/2014 c21 3The Hapless Quill
Awh, Az, I've just got round to reading this - you're such a sweetheart, and you deserved every praise and squeal that you received about Hearts ;)

You were so honest and brave to do this, but it honestly is going to be for the best if you're going to get more enjoyment from your other work.

Love you!
5/2/2014 c21 27Hermione Is My Role Model
Awww :'( ill miss this story :'( keep writing many others! :-D
1/12/2014 c20 3The Hapless Quill
*whips out pom poms* You're the dearest of them all, Az ;)

Interaction between Bellatrix and Narcissa has become so INTENSE - I love the way that you characterise that tension between them both, with Bellatrix becoming aloof and poor Narcissa clinging onto her sister with desperation, determined not to lose another, defending Lucius all the while. It's weird to think of their relationship being sisterly, so I love how you build that tension with the unconditional love lying deep underneath it all.

The letter from Andromeda! *rolls off chair* I really, really love how you differentiate the two sisters - Narcissa more reserved with her feelings, Andromeda robust, clear, and blunt. I also really adored how you still identified Andromeda as having Black heritage, too; your choice of words, the language style, the way that she mentioned her family with an almost superior tone - it conveyed to me that "old habits die hard", and that Andromeda can't quite escape being a Black even if she dearly wants to. Your characterisation of Andromeda in that way is so plausible, I love it. It was also a nice touch that Cissy had Cassie there, strong and dependant and infinitively loyal, and that Cassie was the strong friend that Cissy needed to help her to remain composure and get through the difficulties that the letter produced.

I was also intrigued about the interactions between Cissy and Travers! It seems that Travers still harbours some bitterness about his breakup with Cissy and his status in the wizarding world, so I'm interested to find out how far that bitterness will take him.

Well done for updating, lovely. I can't wait to see what happens next ;)
1/11/2014 c20 7Nessiexo
Amazing as always!

I loved Andromeda's letter. I am so glad she wrote to Cissy and I hope that Cissy writes back. It seems quite unlikely, but she was JUST thinking about becoming an aunt. And now she will be, maybe that will make her want to reconcile with Andromeda? I can pretty much guess Druella's reaction. I think Druella won't be bothered to even read the letter, or if she does, she'll just be disgusted. Either way, I'm fairly sure she'll burn it. Now Cygnus is a bit difficult... I suppose he'll have mixed feelings. I think he'll be upset when he hears his daughter is having her first child and he cannot be a part of that. It's quite sad, tbh.

Bella is so skeptical when it comes to the Malfoys! I'll admit, Abraxas creeps me out but Lucius is so sweet, and he really loves Cissy.

I feel so, so bad for Cissy. Her life seemed to finally be getting back on the right track after Andromeda left. Her and Cassie made up, Lucius adores her. Then Andromeda sent her a letter and I think it just shook her up a bit. And Travers (I love him!) keeps dropping hints about Lucius. I don't want to see Cissy's reaction when she finds out that Lucius is a death-eater!

Overall FANTASTIC chapter. I didn't expect any less from you, all your chapters are amazing! Great job :) xx
1/7/2014 c20 27Hermione Is My Role Model
Loved it :-)
11/8/2013 c19 Lizz
I rearead Dustland a few days ago, and have spent now, I think, a little under a week devoted to this. And it's BRILLIANT.
Having reread DF so recently before starting SH, I think the most striking thing is the change in tone that's so evident between the two of them. DF starts out so lighthearted, and although we definitely get a lot of stress and tension and anxiety there as well, the family is still, for the most part, a whole being. (Until the end, that is.) But this just seems to be marked by bad thing after bad thing happening - it's actually pretty amazing that Narcissa is still able to smile and laugh and enjoy life to any extent.
Particularly, though, I think that this series is mostly a study of abandonment - Narcissa has been forsaken by almost every member of her family: her father, both her sisters, and now Sirius as well. It's not just that the Black family is falling apart - it's that they're falling apart and not thinking of how their actions affect others. Which isn't really to say that they're in the wrong with WHAT they do - because all of them, in some way (even Cygnus) seem to be taking whatever action they can to escape the pain and stifling control of being a Black - but how they do it. Only Narcissa really seems very keen to hang on, and so by abandoning what it means to be a Black, they're also abandoning her.
While I say that, though, I don't entirely mean to say that Narcissa is wholly in the right, because she's not. She's just as selfish and flawed as her sisters are, but she expresses it in a different way. In particular, I think her biggest failing is the way she treats Sirius - she's concerned about him, but she expresses it in all the wrong ways. It's obvious that he's hurting too, but instead of offering comfort or support - the things that will make him want to stay - she focusses on trying to make sure he acts properly. She does her best, but she really don't know how to help people (perhaps that comes from never having been given much help herself, and misunderstanding it when she does [ie that whole ordeal with Cassie]). In essence, Sirius is hurting just as much as she is, but because he doesn't express it in a way that she understands, she thinks he's just being a brat. :(
What's really interesting in particular about your fic is the way it really conveys the downfall of the Black family. To be honest, I never really thought of them losing their power/prestige/hold until the time Bellatrix was imprisoned/Regulus died. But you've done an amazing job of showing how their fall began so much earlier than that. Even so many years before the family reaches its utter low, they're starting to crack and chip away at the edges. The family is not just falling, but separating, and there isn't much of a Black family left.
The stuff with Lucius is gloriously fluffy. :P What more is there to say? It's LUCIUS. rawr ;) But I am very curious about his parents - why is Abraxas acting weird and possessive of Narcissa? Why has Circe's attitude towards her changed?
Anyway, I'm VERRRRRRYYYYYYY excited to see what happens next. You've done a brilliant thing here Azzie!
11/5/2013 c7 lizz
Literally CRIED when Narcissa said goodbye to Andromeda.
10/20/2013 c19 3The Hapless Quill
*jumps up and down with excitement* THIS WAS SO UNEXPECTED. But welcome, of course. Very welcome.

Firstly, kudos to you for mentioning my birthday at the beginning ;) Secondly, the chemistry and electricity between Lucius and Narcissa in this chapter was almost intolerable, oh my. I really liked the scene between Narcissa and Cygnus - it's evident from your writing that they have quite a good relationship, even if it has become less solidified in the past few months with the stress of the current affairs, and so for Cygnus to confide in Narcissa conveyed how much he respected her, even though she was younger and far less experienced.

And now, finally, LUCISSA. The whole Abraxas-Narcissa relationship doesn't bode well with me, so I'm really intrigued to see where you're going to take that factor. I could almost feel myself blushing throughout their intimate scenes, but I did quite like Narcissa's reservations, the meanings it conveyed, and the implications it brought. Lucius' confession that he thought he belonged with Narcissa was sugar-sweet, it was fabulous. Your descriptions of the emotions reaching their peaks still managed to astonish me - the imagery is just superb.

*sighs happily* This was a fantastic chapter, Az!
10/19/2013 c19 27Hermione Is My Role Model
beautiful, keep up the story :)
9/24/2013 c18 Hermione Is My Role Model
This is beautiful! Please write more!
6/21/2013 c18 3The Hapless Quill
*sings harmoniously* HEARTS!

Once again, I just simply adore how you write the Black family. The atmosphere surrounding them, the tension of the house, even the expectations ingrained inside Cissy's mind - to marry, to make an heir, to be respectable. When I read your work, it no longer seems implausible to me that a woman could really be expected of nothing more, because you just write Cissy's thoughts and motions so naturally that it seems perfectly realistic for it to be true.

I especially became intrigued by the family's expectations during the talk with Sirius; the conversation of 'pure-blooded families', 'respectable names' and the 'mediocre' shows just how strict the family are about who Sirius is allowed to talk with, all because it may ruin the family's reputation, which is incredibly important to them.

I LOVED the interaction between Cissy and various members of her family - the way that you wrote her behaviour around each of them in turn showed the contrast of her relationship with each of them really prominent. Lucius, who is a steady companion, someone whom she can rely on to keep her almost healthy and sane; Cygnus, whom Cissy admires and respects so much, and so when Cygnus does not pay her the attention that she is hoping, she does become disheartened and worried; Sirius, to whom she cares about, and for which she is conflicted because she wants to do her duty to the family, but she doesn't want to cause Sirius anymore pain. "her keeping quiet about his suspicious activities at school might have softened him in her favour."

Finally, her relationship with Bella has evidently become tense again, and the way that Bella finally opened up to Cissy, as though a fragment of her inner soul was pouring out of a slit from her heart, was so fascinating and even exhilarating to read. Your description was just perfect! It was so intricately written and considered. It really made me see the purpose of her character, and it was an insight that we don't often get from her, being so faraway and formidable.

I'm sorry if that review was a little rambling and didn't make sense! Anyway, this update was just fantastic - BE PROUD - and I CANNOT WAIT for the next one. WELL DONE!

5/8/2013 c17 7Nessiexo
I kept reading and re-reading this chapter. I truly and honestly think it's one of your VERY best ones. I feel so bad for Sirius :'( I got a knot in my stomach and goose bumps. I really think it's important for an author to finish the chapter off with a perfect sentence and you did that. The ending brought tears to my eyes. I hope to see more Sirius-Cissy confrontations but perhaps Sirius could be nicer in one? Btw I wanted to point out how this was the second best part in the chapter (the first best being the second to last sentence); ""Are you all right?" Narcissa asked. "We never meant to draw you away from your friends. I won't pretend I appreciate them, but I don't want you to get hurt."

For a moment Sirius just gaped at her. Then he blinked, and shook his head. "Don't be such a bleeding heart," he said. "It doesn't suit you." His voice was hoarse."

This showed that yes, Cissy DOES care about her family name. But she also genuinely cares about Sirius. And I'm extremely happy that he realized it as well. Fan-freaking-tastic job!
5/7/2013 c15 Nessiexo
I'm extremely glad that Narcissa got a chance to speak to Sirius. As the story develops, I really hope they'll have a somewhat affectionate relationship! Great chapter!
5/7/2013 c14 Nessiexo
First of all... THAT WAS AMAZING.

I loved that Bella went to see Cissy and the others off. That was so sweet. She really seems to be taking her promise to Cissy seriously, which is good. Cissy doesn't need her sister abandoning her on top of everything else she's dealing with.

Cassie is certainly insightful. I'm glad that she isn't just letting Cissy hide away everything, it isn't good for her. I'm glad she has such a good friend. I just loved how she described Lucius and Cissy together :') It was adorable! As natural as breathing? That's too cute. Sorry, but I had to get the gushing out lol.

GO LUCIUS. Seriously, I was getting really pissed of. I mean, Cissy didn't even say anything extreme she just told Sirius that they needed to talk. James came in, they argued for a bit then Mckinnon came in going all prefect on Cissy. But haha Lucius is a prefect too, so there!

Sorry, my childishness came out. Overall, just loved this chapter!
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