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for Snowfall

7/18/2012 c1 DGeckoLover
Perfect. Makes me wish it was December instead of July :-)
3/28/2012 c1 32The Wuzzy
Wowweee this is the best fluff ever. I realise the words "best" and "ever" are appearing in all of my reviews of your work but that's because I mean them sincerely. My one request is that you never stop writing Delena :D
1/31/2012 c1 23CreepingMuse
I know this fic is all about Damon/Elena (which is lovely, as usual, and I'll get to that), but I think my favorite part is the Caroline characterization. Girl isn't even onscreen in this fic and I love her. From the politically correct party to the passive aggressive dress code, it makes me love Care Bear.

But onto the kissing bits. This is such an innocent Elena here, and I like it. I guess she gets her own Christmas miracle in outrunning most of the pain in her life for an evening. Love the observations on what a different person he is when he lets his defenses down, how they're both intensely lovable in their own ways. Favorite line: "She fought him because this beautiful…thing between them was monumental, and carnal, and probably eternal." Most people hit the monumental and eternal parts, but forget that this relationship is one part raw, seething passion and sex to two parts emotions and other gooshy stuff. You can't take that out of the equation.
12/20/2011 c1 17Last Marauder of Five
Unbelievably cute!

Both Elena and Damon were in-character and the story was very well-written.

I loved it all, but my favorite part was when Elena said "You should know, Damon, that I love you too".

Keep writing!
12/14/2011 c1 21LiveBreatheVampires
This was so cute and romantic! I love it!
12/14/2011 c1 proudwlw
Awww this was absolutely beautiful and sweet! And I loved it! This was amazing! :))

The ending was my favorite! I love the softer side of Damon!

12/14/2011 c1 1loveyouforever101
Ahhhhhhhhhh! I loved it! So much! It was so adorable! Ahhh! So cute! Thanks for writing! :D

-loveyouforever101 :D
12/14/2011 c1 16Annalay
wow very romantic and so sweet realy nice christmas scene makes my heart warm (and it's cold here so it is much needed) GOOD WORK

best line

"She fought him because this beautiful…thing between them was monumental, and carnal, and probably eternal." - so sweet

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