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for Lipstick on Your White Collar

4/14/2020 c2 16Moni Hasnone
Haha haha good thing it wasn’t agent Nancy
4/28/2018 c2 Guest
This is very possibly my favourite fanfiction of all time, I love it so much omg.
2/28/2016 c2 JimChou
So very funny! Happy to see that it was finally Peter and that he wasn't mad with Neal. Nice ending.
8/14/2014 c2
*giggles* all the giggles !
8/24/2012 c2 8leahk80
8/22/2012 c2 Guest
Supper Supper Awesome storie!
8/18/2012 c2 10Bonkers4Reid
I know it's August, but yeah, had to read it! Hilarious fic! Although you kinda spoiled the ending as by listing both characters in the story info...
bwahaha...Poor Peter...
simply amazing story
7/12/2012 c2 Miss MaryAnn
I love your sense of humor. Neal is a incredibly inventive, consummate conman.
3/1/2012 c2 Leaving This Site For Good
I wish I could feel sorry for Peter or Neal, but...that was just too damn funny!
2/28/2012 c2 5M. M. Kaur
I couldn't stop smiling through both of these entire chapters. Smiling when Neal came up with the plan, laughing when Diana was the first to agree to give him $50 and feeling aghast when Lindeman was the third person out of the elevator-it took me a second to realize that Hughes and Peter hadn't actually entered into the bullpen.

I can definitely see Peter flailing his arms around, trying to get away from Neal. (Lucky Peter; if only I...)

The characters sounded natural and real life like and the emotions (See first paragraph) the words evoked were strong. Great work. :)


1/31/2012 c2 Stormdaku
I laughed so hard. Good Job.
12/14/2011 c2 Anon
Loved this
12/14/2011 c2 keenword
God, this is soooooooooooo lovely~! Made me smile, happily. Thanks!
12/14/2011 c2 3WynonaRose
Oh gosh. I'm so glad it wasn't Hughes!

Very funny!
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