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for Kitty vs. Pietro (FINISHED!!!!)

5/11/2002 c4 22Katzztar
LOL Loved the tell-off to the Bimbo =^.^=
5/10/2002 c3 I Stand in Shadows
This story is really good! Keep it up! I'm awaiting to see what happens w/ Rogue n Lance...and how Jubilee reacts to it! Also, Pietro n Kitty sound like they are going to be quick "friends" haha. Keep up the good work!
5/8/2002 c2 Jazz
Great Story PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ keep on goin!
5/8/2002 c3 Endrea
I love how you put it Kittys crush on Brad Pitt...and he is cute. Also I like how you have Rogue and Lance as a possible get together. As for teh couples things...I'm thinking Rogue and Lance Jubilee and Toad(just for the heck of it...I mean it could be a Beauty and the Beast relationship) and Tabitha and the Blob(because personally I don't like either of them so they get stuck together). Please write more!
5/8/2002 c2 20RyanGosling4Ever
Hey, loved this! Hehe, this was great! Write more, write more, write more, writemorewritemorewritemore.. *stops* Okay.. I roleplay Pietro a llliittttlee too much for my own good, hehe lol :p. Anyways, are ya gonna continue with this? Hope you do!
5/7/2002 c1 Anonymous
This is a great story! Keep Writing! Please hurry and update!
5/7/2002 c1 22Katzztar
Hey I like the AU idea. Lance, Todd, and Pietro joining the X-Men. Does that mean there is no teenage BoM? Where's Freddy?

Loved the Kitty-Pietro swipes. =^.^=
5/7/2002 c1 Endrea
5/7/2002 c1 18MoonGrlonearth
Keep this fic up! I'll go insane if you don't!
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