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for Kitty vs. Pietro (FINISHED!!!!)

1/20/2003 c38 1Iceeybabe89
Go Jubilee! Lying doesn't get you anywhere and now bobby will find out why! Cant wait to see who eats the pie!
1/20/2003 c36 Iceeybabe89
Ohh, mission impossible gone bad! How embarassing! It is so funny! Please update!
1/20/2003 c34 Iceeybabe89
Kitty, what are you getting your self into? Oh,boy the war of the women part one! DUN DUN Dun! Cant wait for the next chappie!
1/20/2003 c33 Iceeybabe89
Finally most of the people are seeing how stupid they were being! Thank the lord! Love the story and all of them going to the same resturant, great! Love it, keep on writing^^
1/20/2003 c30 Iceeybabe89
Ohh, sexual tension! always adds sparks and jeolousy! Wow great combination!
1/20/2003 c27 Iceeybabe89
Go kitty, tell that airhead bitch! What is up wsith Rogue though? I mean she is hurting everyone close to her because she feels insecure, that is so selfish! Cant wait to see what happens between pietro and kitty!
1/20/2003 c21 Iceeybabe89
Oh no what did jubilee do? Poor rogue but she is so stubborn! and not trustful, she already thinks that lance doesn't like her, also kitty should ask pietro about the whole bianca thing but will she? no! God great story but sometimes so irratating with how it is so realistic of teenage girls hormones!
1/20/2003 c20 Iceeybabe89
Those two are so stuborn! I mean make uip for god's sake! So is Gambit going to come into the picture or what? Just wondering! So on with the fight!
1/20/2003 c17 Iceeybabe89
boy, rogue and jubilee are so stubborn but i agree with rogue, Jubilee should get over it or a t least talk to rogue because she really didn;t like lance, it was just the idea of lance and how is bobby so patience! Damn, I want him as my bf!LOL!
1/20/2003 c16 Iceeybabe89
Yah! They Kissed, yipeee! Continue writing it is so good!
1/20/2003 c12 Iceeybabe89
Go Kitty, Go girl! Did he hear her talking to herself or what? well cant wait to find out!
1/20/2003 c10 Iceeybabe89
Oh no poor jubilee and poor rogue! god, maybe now jubilee will come out of her denial and notice that she actually has feelings for Bobby!
1/20/2003 c7 Iceeybabe89
poor Jubilee, denial is such sorrow! Cant wait for the next chapter!
1/20/2003 c6 Iceeybabe89
Ohh, boy problems! What should rogue do? cant wait to find out! love the island idea! Great!
1/20/2003 c5 Iceeybabe89
Really cool! Love it! Lance is mad,hahaha! But does Jubille actually like him or what? On with the story!
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