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7/13/2012 c4 Myan
4/19/2012 c4 cupcakes
Finally you updated! Ive been waiting fpr decades please please continue thou
4/12/2012 c4 5Jessayra
This story is progressing well! Please update longer chapters! Love it :)
4/12/2012 c4 198Insert a Catchy Penname Here
YES Logan can control SOMETHING NOW! :D Ohhhhh...can't WAIT for more! ^_^
4/10/2012 c4 Logan Henderson Is Mine
Yay! I can't wait for more! *hits James and Carlos for being mean to logan*
4/10/2012 c4 SweetLikeSuga
I'm a little bit lost... but I think I have to read it again... Cool story, keep writing it's intetesting
4/9/2012 c4 4MusicLuvr16
Yey! He can control water! I don't really have a comment for the elders though. the next chapter, I know what you should write next, I'll help you! PM you later!
2/24/2012 c3 198Insert a Catchy Penname Here
Hahahaha oh dear..I can this next chapter is going to be quite comical. :D
2/9/2012 c3 5Jessayra
I really like this story it kept me interested and it has me wondering what could happen next. I just think again it needs more detail. I am looking forward to reading the next chapter!
1/26/2012 c3 4MusicLuvr16
Wow, I can't wait to see what happens next in the next chapter. Update quick and longer.
1/26/2012 c3 Logan Henderson Is Mine
eeek! update soon!
12/23/2011 c2 5deathangel1996
hey i like the story. update soon please
12/22/2011 c2 198Insert a Catchy Penname Here
Hey...this is susipious and I am HOOKED! Hear me? HOOKED I TELL YOU! Lol :)
12/19/2011 c2 2CarlosIsAmaZAYN
aww love thsad carlos part! lol i'm adicted 2 ur story
12/17/2011 c2 4MusicLuvr16
This chapter's amazing! Wonder what the necklace is? maybe it's something the symbolized Logan is all of the elements. You know, maybe fire, water, earth, and air. maybe he has all. Just guessing, but great chapter, update soon!
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