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6/17/2013 c7 7GryffindorGirl4422
PLEASE write moreeee :))))
10/5/2012 c7 43Puella Pulchra
Please contine soon
8/10/2012 c7 2Jesse Drake xxx
Please update soon! :)
8/4/2012 c7 2The Faults In Our Divergence
I love your story! So cool how Lucy is a wearwolf! Could you include some chapters in Sebastien's or Marcus's or Duncan's or Connor's POV please? Because the books don't really have them in much! Please update soon, this is an awesome story!
7/16/2012 c7 2midnightwriter13
7/12/2012 c7 29MysticalKC
Brilliant chapter! I love it! Please update soon! :D
6/24/2012 c6 lemonecake
I love it pls countinue!
6/10/2012 c6 TiimidaSilver
Lucy seems hot. plzzz UPDATE
6/9/2012 c7 1The Storm Veradea
Your story is in violation of FFN Guidelines because it contains no story content. Please replace or remove the chapter.

2/19/2012 c6 xgoodnatured
Omg, I love this story!

You need to write the next chapter now!

Please & thankyou. :))
1/12/2012 c6 2midnightwriter13
please udate soon
1/1/2012 c6 29MysticalKC
Awesome start! I love it! Please update soon! :D
12/17/2011 c6 Elyse
Hey, its me:) only just got. Your message, I'm still loving the story, and update soon! I read it before, but only up to chapter 5, chap. 6 is still amazing! Update!

Love Ellie xoxo
12/17/2011 c6 loverofdc
this story is freaaaking amaazzingggggg!

i love it!

update soon! update sooon! xx
12/17/2011 c6 Lucy1999
Please please please write more chapters
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