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2/26/2017 c1 Ka
Well miss, best of luck to you, and may you one day feel safe and happy enough to be as you are, rather than what you're told you're supposed to be.

This fic gave me an unexpected high amount of feelings.
8/17/2015 c1 16Wolfen Artist of KilGuin
I really enjoyed reading this. Nathan has always stopd out to me as a character, even when he was first introduced. I was confused at first on what his gender was and how he wanted others to see him before I watched more and especially the second movie. Now that I understand a bit better, I really admire the writers for creating a character like him which shows that it doesn't matter who you are, you're always beautiful in your own way and you should never let what others say stop you from loving yourself because eventually you will find people who love you for who you are and those who don't won't matter
5/29/2015 c1 TeaNight
Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story. I'm really happy I found it. ...I don't know what else to say about this fic, except that it really moved me. Thanks and thanks again! :D
3/6/2014 c1 17zealousfreak27
Wow, this is brilliant! Super super powerful. I would like to believe that in the future we would be done with all this bigotry, but I'm probably fooling myself. Also, I'm a lesbian too. Always cool to see someone representin'. Godspeed!
11/29/2013 c1 9CrimsonMagi94
Powerful, tearjerking, and inspiring. I applaud you, madam, for this brilliant piece of work. And don't let people ever tell you your worthless, because no human life ever is.
Stay beautiful. :)
11/3/2013 c1 9Winter-Grown-Lily
This was such an inspiring story! I loved Harold's/Hope's description of the city, and the significance of her name at the end. What an absolutely awesome fic!
6/26/2013 c1 Anon
I love this story so much it hurts. I support you and your choices and I hope that life treats you well. People who makes choices like this don't deserve the hate that people give them. Thank you for posting this. It makes me feel good about being a lesbian and everyone should be proud. Good job
5/19/2013 c1 Mimi MC
I love you for this.
5/3/2013 c1 2kitkit11183
This piece was very inspirational and revealed a lot about the world (the negatives and the positives) and I like how honest it is. Thank you for writing and sharing it.
4/24/2013 c1 63BiblioMatsuri
*bursts into tears*

Heroes don't quit just because the cameras aren't running. *cheers Nathan*
3/25/2013 c1 Guest
Thank you for posting this. For some reason, it made me cry. I usually don't leave posts, but with this one-I just had to. Not only was this extremely well written, it was also very comforting. Every now and again I like to think I'm special too, hehe...For those of us that know even a little bit how it feels to be called by derogatory names, I'm sure this will make us thankful for our own ''Nathans.'' I know it had that effect on me. Oh, please keep writing your fics are simply the best! The one where Bunny grows old made me bawl. I love your writing style. You tell it how it is, but with a finesse the likes of which I've never seen. Now, that I'm done ranting haha, thanks again for writing something so inspiring and good luck with future endeavors. Be they writing or otherwise! -B
2/14/2013 c1 Seychelles
You go girl ! I am straight but I Hate racism and homophobic slang more then anything thanks for that Ps I hope you find true love someday
2/6/2013 c1 10n7shoujo
Wow. So, I was looking in the Tiger and Bunny archive for OC stories (In this case, would Hope be an OC?), and I found this. I'm completely heterosexual, but I really do hope you find someone (or maybe you have already)? Thanks for writing. c:
1/6/2013 c1 17your knight in tinfoil armor
You brought tears to my eyes, you wonderful person, you 3
11/18/2012 c1 2Put Ya Guns On
I know other reviewers said this already, but: Beautiful. Normally, fiction doesn't make me feel too emotional, but honestly, I almost shed a tear from this. It was that good.

I only started watching this series recently, and while I already liked Fire Emblem from the beginning, this made me see him in an even better light. Like, now every time he shows up, I'll be like "Candle, man. Candle."

Good, powerful fic with a good, powerful message. I applaud you.
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