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for Roastin' on an Open Fire

12/17/2011 c1 10Pegasus M
Hahaha! "Heart of gold" - that's how Gabe Damon described Spot Conlon, ain't it? :D

A wonderful one-shot! I loved the little references to the movie you incorporated: the smile as sweet as butter, the more than half a brain. Scotch is a nut himself, roasting acorns instead of chestnuts. Your OCs are always so amazingly fleshed out and unique. Wednesday was hilarious, too. I was cracking up at so many parts, including:

"It was the night before the night before Christmas..."

"... they left the early nights and tense hopefulness to the chumps..."

"Scotch put his free hand to his heart and swooned a bit."

"'Say something like that again, Scotch, and I'll show you what else I got that's gold.'"

I'd say the last line was also gold. What a great way to close the one shot!
12/17/2011 c1 1AdrenalineRush16
Stress, I love your one shots. Even when you throw in an OC, it's still good. (And not just because it features Spot.) I loved how it was almost a ficlet because it just took one little moment in the boys' lives, like attempting to roast "chestnuts" (ha ha, acorns. I cracked up) and really expounded on it. And, it showed a little sweet side to Spot. ♥ Nice job stress!


12/17/2011 c1 20Austra
That was a positively amazing and awesome oneshot. So incredible! Spectacular. Thanks for writing.


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