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9/13/2017 c4 Guest
Heartbreaking but beautiful.
9/13/2016 c4 32Emmazippy577
Oh my gosh I kinda really badly want a sequel
9/23/2013 c4 15wickedshenanigans
Loved it. Perfect extension of the scene; Elphaba's pov handled beautifully in a way that not many can manage, adding just enough to make it canon but just give us that little extra bit more. Just loved it.
3/27/2013 c4 17KLFWrites
This was an excellent, imaginative piece of writing with a funny and original twist to it! I love how you portrayed this scene, since this probably is one of my favorite scenes in this musical. Great job and keep on writing! This was just lovely :)
7/17/2012 c4 7Bubbles-and-blondehair
Loved it! I love a good Popular fic, and this is, like, the best I've read! :D
2/4/2012 c4 22HollyBush
Sigh...this is just a beautifully written story...you're very good at what you do!

I wish there was lots more to come, but this final chapter was amazing, so I will just hope there are other stories coming our way..

Thank you again for an absolutely amazing read! Really..flawless!

2/3/2012 c4 2Throppsicle
Lately I seem to have developed this habit of thinking about reviewing things... and then thinking I must have reviewed them, when all I really did was think about reviewing them. Gah. My brain!

Galinda's idea of a clothing-swap between her and Elphie is absolutely adorable. I need someone to draw it for me.

Also, THIS:

"I peered closely, all the same. Elphaba-in-the-mirror was scowling. The picture of scepticism. But as I watched…something changed. The eyebrows raised a centimetre. The mouth turned up, a touch. The eyes relaxed; changed; widened…widened in disbelief, in wonder…

I stared at myself; gawked; jaw-dropped unattractively. There was something…something impossible. Something in her words…her touches…the way had talked to me, told me…

…beautiful, she had said. Beautiful, Elphie.

My heart sputtered. Skipped a beat. Stopped."

ALL the Gelphie feels. ALL of them. And then the nuzzling and then... Oh Elphie! Your ending breaks my heart. It's beautifully written and perfect for the story, but it hits like a fist.

Thank you again for writing this for me. I really don't deserve such awesomeness!
2/3/2012 c4 15Beautifully Tragic Girl
Oh, poor Elphaba. All her self-doubt, I'm feeling quite sad about this ending, but it is amazifying nonetheless. This story was just gorgeous and wonderfully adorable. Can't wait until your next story. :-)

Beautifully Tragic


2/1/2012 c4 fan
Oh I wish there was more!
2/1/2012 c4 160ComingAndGoingByBubble
A great chapter. I liked how she went from thinking that Galinda was right about her being beautiful to totally disregarding the whole thing.

1/29/2012 c3 20Blind Magdalene
I thought that this chapter was very well done, very in character. You asked us to review, so here you go: I love this fic, and i can't wait for an update!
1/27/2012 c3 2Throppsicle
Aww, poor Elphie, running away from the makeup! She seems so completely and utterly terrified. I love the mental image of Glinda throwing her back onto her bed, after the adorable bit of tickling. I adore how normally Elphie has a very strong personality, yet she's being completely and totally dominated by a tiny blonde. I think that's one of the reasons I love Gelphie so much in general, so yay for capturing that!

"Hence why you are currently shoving a sour, solidified stick of red dye into my mouth."

"It's called lipstick, Elphie, and it's not red, it's Slickly Seductive Rosehip…"

"Tastes as bad as it sounds."

That part had me laughing out loud! And "Oh dear...you do seem very pointy, don't you?" So cute! OMG!

Mascara THEN eyeliner THEN eyeshadow? I usually put eyeshadow on first, then liner, then mascara...

Small gripe on my part, but we have a description of Elphaba's physical reactions to Glinda touching her - usually pulling away or feeling embarrassed. However, the mental and emotional reactions are kept under lock and key. Is it strange for her to be touched after so many years without contact? Does she, on some level, enjoy it? And does she feel ashamed for enjoying it? I want to get deep into her psyche!

Overall, I love it! I can't wait for more.
1/25/2012 c3 15Beautifully Tragic Girl
Aw, it was cute. I love the relationship you've set up for Elphaba and Galinda. It's so cute and reminds me of why these two are such good friends.

Beautifully Tragic


1/25/2012 c3 22HollyBush
I can't not review this, as it's absolutely perfect!

If only you would just go through the entire musical like this, from Elphaba's POV, I think I would almost prefer that to seeing the show!

Well done again. I loved every word and can't wait for the next installment :)

1/25/2012 c3 4Apolla Broadpath
I have mixed feelings about this fic but I'll alert it for now
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