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for A Dimensional Sequel

4/27/2012 c18 JessTringham
both sound really good but I still vote for #1
4/16/2012 c18 Doubt But Never Regret
Why do they both have to be so good? Its a really tough choice. I'm gonna have to go with the first choice though. The second is really cute but...urg i just love your version on BirdFlash. Awesome parts though!
4/7/2012 c17 5Sadistic Demon
Number 2! Write Number TWO! A 13 year old Bruce would be awesome! Ah! He could wear robin's costume if his suit doesn't shrink with him. Please Write number 2. Thank you.
4/7/2012 c17 7Miss ShadowScar
Both of those story ideas would be great! Also just wanted to let you know that in the dimensional series in each chapter there are a few spelling mistakes and you switched some words around. But other than that it is a well written story with a nice plot. Please update soon, I'm really interested in seeing where the series goes.
4/7/2012 c17 JessTringham
(raises hand) I vote option one! Yep. Lol :)
4/7/2012 c17 Doubt But Never Regret
Another great chapter! I loved the ending! This is shaping up to br a pretty good birthday :) anyways...i'd love to read the first choice! Wally acting like a Dad is always adorable. Especially when its towards Tim. Hope to read more soon!
4/2/2012 c16 Doubt But Never Regret
The whole time i was flailing like A true fangirl :) i loved it! Everything about this was just so true And adorAble! Can't wait for the next upload.
1/30/2012 c13 Reining3
*laughs hysterically* Well, that was a funny ending.

- Rein
1/28/2012 c12 5Kyoki13
oops, lost track of time, my bad. its good, keep up the good work!
1/18/2012 c12 JessTringham
Really good! :D (im a Grammar nazi... You should try to get someone to edit though your stories because people like me get urked when words arent right! Lol js...) :) you should add another chapter ;)
1/15/2012 c12 Doubt but never regret
I've never imagined a grown up supey. For some reason i don't imagine him looking exactly like clark. He's a Tati! That's just so darn cute :) i think that if you do decide to make another chapter, you should put it in dick's pov but i dont think they should b married yet. Nabe u could include a flash back of wally proposing while in europe? Awsome chapter as always!
1/14/2012 c11 Doubt but never regret
Lolz :) i can just imagine a 90's Kon walking around being followed by Conner and Clark. This was awsome!
1/5/2012 c9 13music lover bwg
Ooooh the battle
1/5/2012 c9 Doubt but never regret
It's nice to get back to Florida and find that one of my favorite stories has been updated alot :) as always great chapters! Cant wait for more ! I literally giggles like a mad women when they found Walsh and dick smooching haha :D
1/2/2012 c8 music lover bwg
I'm reviewing!...oooooh the battle is comming up!
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