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12/26/2011 c9 AngieFaye76
Still doing a great job! Excited to see what will happen next! Thanks for sharing!
12/25/2011 c8 33starryjules
What a lovely chapter! It was a nice change of pace to move the story out of the hospital and give us a flashback scene here; it fit really well.

"Ziva had been afraid to ask if Tony considered her a sister, too. She was afraid he might say no, and she was afraid he might say yes."

So. True.

I really enjoyed this chapter; thanks for sharing it with us! :-)
12/24/2011 c8 mprmusings
Happy Christmas to you! Thank you for such a beautiful update...and I didn't have to squint too hard hard to find Tiva either ;) Wonderfully written.
12/23/2011 c7 17DS2010
love isabelle, she is great with her dealings with the team. Poor tony all laid up and glad papa bear is on the case
12/23/2011 c7 danielle007
Haha, cute! I love this chapter!
12/23/2011 c7 8BnBfanatic
Hi I love your story overall - although I do agree with a couple of other review that there is a tad too much uninteresting details such as Isabelle's conversation with Tony that took up a chapter and a half - and she does bug me a tad too cuz she sounds slightly condescending when she talks to Tony. But pls don't take this as a complaint rather than a suggestion to have more Gibbs and team time rather than this nurse. :-)
12/23/2011 c7 Pol
A nifty tale.
12/22/2011 c7 mprmusings
LOL don't know why but i find myself slighted irritated by Isabelle...ha ha. i think it's just the Tiva shipper in me :)

Have really enjoyed the last two updates, especially gibbs checking on both tony and ziva and establishing that he will find/get petrov!

looking forward to the next updates, enjoy the holiday!
12/22/2011 c7 33starryjules
Wow...I'm away from the site for a few days and there's three new chapters! Love it :D

I for one quite enjoy the medical side of the story...it's nice to see something that's well-rounded and knowledgeably written.

I love that Tony woke up and started flirting within minutes; that certainly feels true to character!

I am curious to see where you will take this and can't wait to see what comes next. Thanks for sharing!
12/22/2011 c6 ShortSarcasm
Loved it
12/22/2011 c6 17DS2010
Love Isabelle Tony's nurse she definetly has tony's number! And he won't get away with the usual antics yet
12/22/2011 c6 danielle007
Haha! Aw that was cute!
12/22/2011 c5 danielle007
Update soon please! I can't wait to hear the rest!
12/22/2011 c5 JTR300
Unconsious Tony is boring Tony...WAKE HIM UP OR QUIT NOW!
12/22/2011 c5 JTR300
What is this thing you've got with "Post anaestesia Care Unit (PACU) WE DONT'T CARE!its not interesting! You give WAY to much emphasis on medical minutia ...put your energy into the main characters.
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