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for Twas the Night Before Christmas

3/7/2015 c1 lkspires
I know you wrote this quite a while ago but I still think it was great.
9/13/2012 c1 146Leesa Perrie
LOL! Poor Peter doesn't stand a chance with that lot! :)
2/7/2012 c1 2costley51
Fun. I love to see all of the characters together.
12/23/2011 c1 Evesgreenleaf
Love it
12/19/2011 c1 Miss MaryAnn
I really lved it, so very humorous. How did the idea come to you? I'd really like to know.
12/19/2011 c1 41WildHorseFantasy
I'm speechless and grinning..
12/19/2011 c1 26Stroma
Very good.
12/19/2011 c1 Anonymous
hahaha oh my God this is utterly brilliant! i laughed throughout, firstly at the idea of peter sitting reading all that with everyone around him AT ALL, and then with the comments it just became completely epic ^_^ great job, you completely nailed the characters here, and i love how youve gathered the burkes seven AND our beloved june here :D

please write another, anything similar with satchmo not indirectly included (though i LOVED the way he was brought in, sounded like your average family day, one funny mistake after another ^^) and also please include hughes maybe showing up at the end like "what are you all doing? -.-" and...i dont know, use your creativity since your work is great to read :D
12/19/2011 c1 42celticgothhardy
Okay, the little comments made me laugh too much. Terrific!
12/19/2011 c1 shrutip
12/19/2011 c1 4ButtermilkCavalry
How sweet. Really, really, really wonderful. Thank you for this little present, I wish you merry Christmas and I hope you can enjoy the Holidays with your family. Personally, I cross my fingers. With a little luck we'll get snow on Christmas Eve.
12/18/2011 c1 7AliWC
~Neal, there's no mistletoe hung there.

No fun, Ebenezer. No fun at all.~

Niiice! Funny and impressive. The dialogue actually worked.
12/18/2011 c1 Love82
This is wonderful. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.
12/18/2011 c1 65LianneZ4
This is cuuute :)

I love it :)
12/18/2011 c1 Ne'ith5
Loved it! Merry Christmas to you and yours and a Happy New Year!
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