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4/26/2018 c1 22Bar Sira
Dear Bramble:

Okay, I'll bite. What kind of wood is *this* wardrobe made of?

Bar Sira
11/14/2013 c4 59Ghanaperu
This is a really cool concept for the story, and one that I actually haven't seen before. Great job!
2/24/2013 c1 thequietphotographer
I love this story, and the idea! Thanks for reviewing my story!
12/26/2011 c4 2FrissFrost04
The only people who were wandering the streets were drug dealers, thieves, and murders,

^ Sounds like this is a job for Megamind and his trusty Dehydration Gun. :D

though... the name "Miracle Love"... if that's your name in the story, it sounds rather... Mary-Sue ish.
12/23/2011 c4 18Lady Firewing
Exciting! Wait, your characters name is Miracle Love? That's a pretty unusual name...
12/23/2011 c4 7Mystic Lover of the fairytale
That was good even if it was rather short
12/21/2011 c3 2FrissFrost04
This is in a Sci-Fi genre... huh. XD Moving on... now why in the blazes would Edmund walk out of the apartment and out of the complex? Wouldn't it have been better if he started out wandering from room to room?
12/20/2011 c3 7Mystic Lover of the fairytale
Excellent chapter again by the way where are they
12/20/2011 c2 2FrissFrost04
12/19/2011 c2 18Lady Firewing
Oooooooh, intriguing! Can't wait to see how she reacts to the rest of the gang!
12/19/2011 c2 7Mystic Lover of the fairytale
Another great chapter
12/18/2011 c1 Mystic Lover of the fairytale
That's a new twist I like it

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