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12/22/2011 c3 2YJfang141516
Cute I liked it, you tied everything in perfectly and the ending was good I liked it :)
12/22/2011 c3 2blackirishawk
i hate to see you go cause i finally found someone that understands my love for artemis and wally without making it so ooc! Awesome fic
12/22/2011 c2 17AwkwardHolmes
I like your story. Spitfire. I just recently found this couple.soo...yeah

12/21/2011 c1 Rissa
This was way too adorable, definitely one of my favorite Spitfire fics out there. I think the characters were perfect and weren't OOC. It was also cute and had some light humor which was really enjoyable. Also, I loved the name of Wally's playlist: DO NOT LOOK IN HERE ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE BLONDE! Haha, that made me smile and was totally the highlight of my day.

All in all, you're a talented writer and I hope you keep it up.

Love, Rissa
12/21/2011 c2 2leafysummers
Awwww. You're so cute Wally! Lol! :P And thins up for "Just Keep Swimming." haha! Happy Holidays!
12/21/2011 c1 leafysummers
Hahaha! That was so creative! Based off of playlists? Niiiiice. :D And I loved Robin's. ;)
12/21/2011 c2 crimsoninsight97
I think you should make this two shot into a three shot. You're a good writer, but you may want to put in a little more denial and conflicting emotions when going into their thoughts.
12/21/2011 c2 holyemmoly
I think you should do a third chapter where Wally goes to the Cave and finds Artemis just sitting on the couch and she acts like doesn't know anything. And they at night just the two of them watch Sky High and when " I'll stop the world and melt with you" plays, Artemis feels guilty and admits she saw the playlist. Or with another movie. Just an idea...
12/20/2011 c2 popcorn992
Please continue with the story

I love it ;-)
12/20/2011 c2 Purple Majestic
are going to write like 2 more chapters
12/20/2011 c2 5Dope Kitty Taco
i want to read one like that yeah write it :D
12/20/2011 c1 Dope Kitty Taco
pleas write another ch. it makes me happy :D
12/20/2011 c2 2Angel of Mysteries
not sure...loved the chapter though, it was cute ^^
12/20/2011 c2 twinScythes
Do a next chapter? Pwease?
12/20/2011 c2 slytherin955
haha love it! yes make another chapter when they meet at the cave. that would be pretty interesting
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