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12/20/2011 c1 cary99
Cool chapter
12/20/2011 c2 cary99
Awsome story
12/20/2011 c2 6YJ-Lover
you should totally make one where they meet in the gave, what's a romance without reveals and drama
12/20/2011 c2 3ll Forget-Me-Not ll
Two words: LOVE THIS!
12/20/2011 c2 13NadeshikoLove1224
Love the story Kid Flash+Arty are my favorite couple. Can I get some cookies :-) ?
12/20/2011 c2 2blackirishawk
haha cute! They should met up and just start insulting each other with certain songs off their playlist... That would be cute and awesome to read!
12/20/2011 c2 Dreamgirl 32
I could go for that...if they have halarious reactions. :)

oh and make Superboy really mad at the end cause the main cahracter finds out he cab fly and he can't... YET!

he going to get them. flying is just something that needs time to kick in.
12/20/2011 c2 2YJfang141516
Haha that was funny and I think that ou should make one with them watching sky high haha that would be really funny, and I think it would be funny scince I'll stop the world and melt with you is on that movie and on "wally's playlist" haha that was cute thanks for the great story! :)
12/20/2011 c2 Irenerb
Love it. Love to read if they meet at the cave. Also watch Sky High.
12/20/2011 c1 3Dewquent
Wally's eyes fell on the ipod, innocently sitting on the table. Pick me up, Wally,it seemed to say, there are many secrets on me. And possibly some entertaining apps!

LOLZZZZZZ loveddddd that part! And sequal plz, pretty plz :)
12/20/2011 c1 2NeedanEscape18
totally make another chapter and she finds his iPod then they can be all embarrassed sooo cute :)
12/20/2011 c1 3SpitfireChick
That was sooooo adorable! You so should do one where Artemis finds his ipod. That would be even adorabler! (If that is even a word)
12/20/2011 c1 shadowcore
let artemis see the i pod, i wanna know what wally has for his songs
12/20/2011 c1 14ShipperBody

So sweet! Yeah... It' was a great idea! ;D The song's for each one! ;D

Congratulations! Great fic! ^_^
12/20/2011 c1 asdfghjklmnbvcx
This is a great concept! Really fun to read! Felt like a boss because I understood all the references, although I laughed at her taste in Coldplay.

Urk if I may... But I am a music fanatic, so imma just list a few bands that may or may not interest you. Tbh, i always imagined Wally with a taste for rock.. Amanda Palmer; The Dresden Dolls; Radiohead; Powderfinger; Wolfmother; Eskimo Joe; Red Hot Chilli Peppers; Birds of Tokyo... Ehh it's 1am so I'll stop now ^^;
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