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12/8 c52 rasmushansen
12/1 c52 W8W
What Shirou did to Lancer was really incredible but like you have said not impossible. Only thing that really surprised me was fact that he was able to do it without spear exploding. Like with Rin fight against Caster in UBW. I understand why everybody were so impressed especially girls.

No wonder that Cu Chulainn was willing to listen, he was genuinely impressed. You have catch his personality perfectly. He refer to his master as she so it is most likely Bazett, I wonder if it will stay like this. I also wonder how he will fight after losing spear. I am aware that Cu Chulainn is far from helpless without a spear (magic, hand to hand skills, berserker rage) but I can't imagine Lancer class servant not being crippled without a weapon. Well if he will be needed in battle and join alliance Emiya can always project copy or Caster make some simple spear.

I love how much emotion is in scene where Shirou learn about Illya being present. He is honest with everyone of his goals, like Caster have said he is very selfish man but honest. He do it unintentionally but his words hurt Rin more than if he stab her in heart with real weapon. There was earlier mentioned equivalent exchange, I knew that it will not be on their mind when it will happen but Tohsaka will help to save Emiya sister and he will help with saving Sakura. I am very cereus how meeting with Illya will go and if she will know that her brother is master before he explain everything because i can honestly see him going there alone and say something along the lines that after he will explain everything she can kill him if she wants to.
11/30 c51 W8W
Reference to canonical beginning come out really nice. Berserker is real beast. Description of what his bow do is really impressive. Illya justification for listening is reasonable.

I don't like one thing. I knew that Hercules is one of strongest heroic spirits, period, he is less crippled by mad enchantment than in canon and have bow but battle look little too one-sided for me. Arturia is also among best servants and in this story have proper power supply from Rin. I will be justified this by her fighting to contain instead to kill. Caliburn projection in canon was able to kill Berserker 7 times so it is very likely that Excalibur could take all 12 in one attack.
11/30 c50 W8W
It look like avengers is Angra Mainyu. Satsuki had a point, her presence lead to Emiya cooperation with church and give Rider some perspective toward Shirou. It look like she is starting to figure out her master but have trouble with understanding her own feelings because she was suffering for so long.
11/29 c49 W8W
Rider don't want to be mean she simply is curious and lack tact. Rin reaction to logical revelation was hilarious. I don't think that Customer will make trouble if Tohsaka ask for help with making heir. IIlya joins a war. It look like Berserker is more powerful than canon with slightly improve intelligence and extra weapon. It is serious trouble. Nonetheless from what I understand in general casters are good counter to berserkers. Later lack magic resistance and have rather simple way of fighting making deception more effective.
11/29 c48 W8W
I like how Rider actions look like antics but in reality are part of a plan. Change of Shinji perspective may be very interesting. I am curious of what is happening with Caren that she run away.
11/29 c47 W8W
Taiga is hilarious as always, her acceptance of relationship was surprising. It is good that Satsuki have place to stay. So Rider is unstable because of curse. Caren return to the story and with irregular servant. Who can it be and is he replacing somebody or 8 contestant.
11/28 c46 W8W
Great chapter very romantic and showing relationship development. I have skipped lemon at the end. Sex scene don't drive away but also don’t interest me and I didn't see anything plot relevant at first glance.
11/28 c45 W8W
I love this chapter it was hilarious. Rider plan was good but completely unnecessary, she could ask straight to protect Sakura.
11/27 c40 Guest
So many sex jokes so little time *perverted giggle*
11/27 c44 W8W
Confrontation with Kotomine was really climatic but Shirou decisions aren't very smart. Now I am really curious what have happened with Shinji.
11/27 c43 W8W
Sakura doubt and talk with Shirou were really interesting unfortunately he didn't even suspect awful truth.
11/27 c42 W8W
Way in which Shirou was in control whole time was incredible. Shinji plan would fail either way but it was best possible outcome. Matou is pathetic moron that can even use wish to its fullest potential. I understand Medusa silence but I wonder when she'll tell about Sakura.
11/27 c41 W8W
I wonder what kind of weapon Dojima got. Nice way of showing Rider character.
11/27 c40 W8W
Her enlightening him was really funny.
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