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11/24 c1 Deeznuts
You know Fate/stay night and Tsukihime is not in the same world, they are parallel world right ?
10/13 c46 YourMom
Nice Gary Stu OC, This ain't shirou and you know it.
10/15 c58 kusanagi29
Listo, ya estoy al dia con la historia y he llegado al ultimo capitulo publicado de esta actualmente...y debo decir que la historia me gusta, de inicio a fin todo a sido entretenido mientras mas pasaban los eventos mas emocionante se iba poniendo esto.

En conclusion, la historia me gusto y sobre lo que paso en este capitulo pues parece que las cosas se pondran interesantes, buen capitulo señor autor.
10/12 c24 Anon
You do realize Servants can't be summoned without a reference to them right ? You can't summon Artoria without Avalon kid, do your research before writing a fanfic and prana is not a thing
10/9 c20 8Rapidnoob
I got Sam L. Jackson vibes from the line "Welcome to Earth Motherfucker"
8/1 c3 Binge Reader
Eh...what a bummer. Still a lapdog in the end. What's the point of writing a fanfic then? Still follows the original with minor and silly changes.
8/2 c58 Gilgamesh50
Great Chapter
Update please
6/29 c58 Gilgamesh50
What? F bezett and go dafe rider
Mannn if rider dies cz of her ima drop
Which pains me cz this is one of my fav fate fics
6/24 c58 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Hopefully we dont get Avenger form Medusa.
6/7 c28 Guest
Just a question is the love interest Medea or is this a haram? If Medea truly is the love interest can u at least wait until shirou is much older because I find it weird that she is much older than him and if the roles were reversed...
6/9 c24 Skywolf99
and in this chapter rin discoveres she likes girls and wants to diddle poor seiba
not that i blame her mind you
6/9 c58 M1rdred
Hi, can i get the link to the discord here?
6/8 c58 reikyuuzx
Hey there!. Ive been following you're awesome story for a long time. Is it possible to get the dm for your server?id love to read more!
6/6 c20 Guest
I really dont like caster every heroic spirit would have been but i keep reading just because the story is just that's good
5/21 c40 kusanagi29
Debo decir que de lo que llevo leido de tu historia hasta este momento puedo decir que tu historia me encanta y me gusta señor autor.
Me gusto como inicio y como se fueron desarrollando los eventos poco a poco hasta armar el desarrollo y trama de lo que sucedera en siguientes capitulos, me ha estado gustando todo lo que vi mientras seguia leyendo hasta llegar hasta este capitulo y lo que se va a desarrollar a futuro...y que puedo decir tu historia me gusta señor autor.

Buen capitulo :D

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(If you don't understand my message then use the translator and translate my message into your native language in case you have difficulties reading Spanish).
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