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6/20 c57 8Quathis
I wonder if Shirou is wondering if he's good at flirting or not, given how the responses he gets when trying. Though he is making headway here with both Medusa and Medea's thoughts on the matter.

The crisis is in full swing and things are going pretty well, though the turn at the end will make things a lot more difficult. Hopefully they won't need to really pull out all the stops just yet. At least there shouldn't be a Saber or Archer duplicate in there, given they didn't get absorbed by the Grail. Hopfully.

Until next time.
6/20 c57 Gilgamesh50
Great chapter
You’re finally back
6/19 c57 Tenro100
Very enjoyable read
6/19 c57 2TheInvisibleMan33
Awesome chapter, I did not see this twist coming
6/19 c57 TSB2017
A beautiful mixtures of Couple-Lovey-Dovey time, wholesome, and a huge thrill. Some misspells here and there, but overall, and as always, Amazing! Love your work on this one and the previous chapter. Can't wait for Medusa to be in the "Group". I always wanted to read a good and a long Shirou. Medusa story. Keep up the good work.
6/19 c56 1ToAruKagakuNoPersona
Pity there wasn’t enough time to set up a Blood Fort.
6/19 c57 Jajur von Hohenzollern
huh when you wrote about a "black hole in the sky" i thought we were going to see chaldea appear. it did sound like a singularity
6/19 c57 Nerverean
Thanks you for the chapter, story is more interesting now :)
6/18 c57 6Shad0wReaper133
Rider stretched* his joints a little bit more, - Missed a word here, and funnily enough I had this exact same circumstance happen to me less than an hour ago.
6/18 c57 4DarkFusion
Nice to read a new chapter to this fic and I enjoyed it both for some character building with Medusa, plus cute jealous Medea. The revelations of things with the Grail escalating are interesting with a double blast from the past of Diarmuid and Iskandar Alter. Someone better phone El Melloi/Waver, his boyfriend's back, but the matter of getting him back to normal though will probably be complicated. Looking forward to the next chapter whenever it's ready (and me with my old fart brain has no idea how to use Discord so I'll have to wait).
6/18 c57 Savaris
Looks like things are picking up again... maybe Zouken got something to do with this? Those shadow servants like Diarmuid is definitely a cause for concern... but it's not as important as Rider and Rin showing their dere side!
6/18 c57 8Alek Sands
Oh SHit. The Zero Servants are back and they're under the Alter influence of Avenger.
Diarmuid, Iskandar, Giles, Lancelot, and Hassan of the Hundred Faces. I hope Avenger cannot bring about any servants from the previous war(s) either, otherwise they could be seriously outnumbered.
6/18 c57 B.B. Rain
While I've joined your Discord, it's the first time I've joined any Discord, or the site itself, and I'm afraid I found myself unable to make heads or tails of the site.

So for now, I'm quite grateful you're continuing to update here, or at your old pre-Discord site.
6/18 c57 2Gadget boy
So happy to see more of this wonderful story. That moment between Shirou and Rider was just too precious and hilarious.
6/18 c57 1DragonSword35d
Diarmuid, as a shadow Servant or something, is bad, but manageable. Iskandar, at the same time? That's a Problem. And there three Servants the Grail will want to counter present. So, here's hoping Giles doesn't come out to play. They have a bad enough number problem as it is.
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