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for Gifts From A Wise Man

6/22/2022 c10 Gsrobsessed
Please finish this! It’s wonderful!
5/6/2022 c10 Gsrobsessed
Oh this was beautiful! I was kind of hoping for at least one more chapter to see what happened after the party.
5/6/2022 c9 Gsrobsessed
Oh help me! I’m going to faint!
5/6/2022 c7 Gsrobsessed
This is getting exciting
5/6/2022 c6 Gsrobsessed
Yep another wonderful chapter
5/6/2022 c5 Gsrobsessed
Oh you are so great at this.
5/6/2022 c4 Gsrobsessed
Loving this
5/6/2022 c3 Gsrobsessed
Oh my gosh this was fantastic!
5/6/2022 c2 Gsrobsessed
Gonna be fun!
5/6/2022 c1 Gsrobsessed
8/15/2020 c10 maura uk
Im loving this story...what a beautiful Christmas picture...Sara Finally get Griss...i hope she gets to keep this story. .she deserves ĺots of Gsr...thanks for writing Gsr stories...hope there are more chapters to this story.
3/22/2020 c10 liz.good2
you need write more to this my god i on the end my seat stayed up lat finish
7/19/2016 c10 Kad
I just found this story. Wish you would continue, it is soooo good
2/28/2014 c10 aninom
Oh, this is going sooo well... but I want to know what happen next!... I'll wait for more. I really hope you update soon!
2/28/2014 c9 aninom
This card was lovely, sigh...
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