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for Remember Me

4/21/2012 c1 Flightfoot
That was good! How does Xion have worse amnesia than Roxas, though? She seems to remember things pretty well.
1/26/2012 c1 22truthlieslovestars

you should've put in a pov of vanitas.
1/7/2012 c1 46Arkaham
:D a little surreal, a little confusing with some dialogues, but in general a great concept and great history

In some point I wanted to cry but them I was "this is cute"

n_n happy holly days
12/22/2011 c1 87MidnightSchemer13
Um, whoa. I've never heard of someone re-using a prompt! ^^; Once again, you get to be first!

White. White, white, white, white, white, white, white white white white white-white-white-whitewhitewhitewhitewhite. Psychotic.

I like the AkuRoku dialogue, seemed pretty clever :) But what the Demyx happened to Zexion? It's revenge, isn't it? for me and my foul mouth and silly daydreams. ISN'T IT? xD But really. oh well.

Ughhhh. FF net Axel is tolerable, now. Game Axel can go to hell. He'll enjoy it there. Good riddance! xD

Poor, poor Axel. Heh.

The middle-to-end is a bit confusing, but you've probably set it that way on purpose, so no comment~

much *too grey

"You're one morbid little doll, aren't you?"

BEST LINE xD *hug*

You did good! I guess it was a bit sad, but hey, nice take. 'Cept Zexion.

Bet he -did- get a PhD at eighteen, ey?
12/22/2011 c1 kouha1
oh my gosh this is amazing! i absolutely love the idea and the execution! its wonderful! ;u;
12/22/2011 c1 2Will This Night-Drag-On
While I don't think it counts as poetry, this is rather good. Amnesia isn't the word I'd use either, but I get what you're saying.

But, the piece as a whole is splendid. It has life and gets me interested. Personally, I wanted it to go on.

Well, I might go read some of your other stuff now.

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