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5/24/2019 c2 6Hazmatt
Cute story, I enjoyed it!
6/11/2016 c2 crime fictiction
purfect i love it
3/15/2015 c1 Resi
Are you trying to kill me?
This is so funny!
I'm still out of breath, and wet from all the laughing tears...
Thank you! :'''D
8/18/2013 c2 XGI-Jones
This was very good... You made me feel like I was there...
7/29/2013 c1 13KatieThomas'95
I don't usually read humour fics but this was just brilliant, just glad there was no-one in the room with me when I was reading it, couldn't help but laugh
6/18/2013 c2 131NCISgirl1527
I like it! I do what to see what happens with Jane and that dress though.
Great Job.
6/18/2013 c1 NCISgirl1527
Haha! This was great. I laughed out loud while I was reading it. Awesome job!
(I wonder what Jane did at the Sensitivity Training a few months ago...)
6/18/2013 c2 Ms.K216
Hahaha! That was priceless! Will you please PLEASE update this! I wanna see the dress!
6/18/2013 c1 Ms.K216
I actually laughed out loud at some moments. I loved this! I can actually picture all the rainbow paperclips in Maura's hair! The best part though was when Maura was crying and Jane felt bad. I'm glad there's a second chapter.
10/23/2012 c2 2slayer99
oh you've got to continue this, it's priceless
7/7/2012 c2 1JustMindingMyBusiness
I like this one and it is the 2nd time that I have read it ... I hope that you will consider finishing it someday ;-)
6/18/2012 c1 pioustheking
So evil lol.
2/25/2012 c1 8CrimeCrazy4519
wow really good. i wish there was a picture lol
1/29/2012 c2 RaneJizzoli
Teehee hee! I read all of this with a silly smirk on my face. So good!
12/28/2011 c2 puddin123
I think this story is really funny and I'm excited to see what hoops Jane has to jump through to get back in Maura's good graces... I'm sure the dress is justthe tip of the iceburg. :)
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