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for And All The World Drops Dead

3/6/2020 c1 wolfsbane0911
damn but i wish there was a sequel to this! loved it so much!
11/14/2019 c1 Black Fungus
Wow, that was a great story and Gordon sucks.
5/1/2018 c1 SPN Mum
I could have sworn I reviewed this when I first read it, but I don't see my review. O.o
This story hurts my heart on so many levels! I hurt for you, having experienced sexual abuse yourself, and I hurt for Sammy, being degraded in the worst possible way by a man he despises. I also hurt for Dean, who witnessed his precious little brother get broken down so completely, when he didn't deserve it. I am so glad Gordon was killed, but I also wanted him to suffer, like Dean wanted. Sam and Dean will get thrugh this, because that is what they do, but it will definitely take it's toll on them. :(
I will have to imagine Dean's care and comfort for Sam, aafter they get safely back to their room, since it was only intimated here. :)
4/10/2018 c1 awkwar
this is the hardest thing that I've read. It's horrible, sad, violent... and beautiful. Thanks.
9/24/2017 c1 8Rababaz
Oh gosh, so freacking saaad! But great job!
3/23/2017 c1 18bagelcat1
Wow - intense. I'd like to say I enjoyed the story, but I can't because enjoy is the completely wrong word really. You did provide a warning. But it did make me feel and care and hurt for Sam and Dean. Very well written. And I usually hate when writers pull the rape card just to move a story along...but this felt very organic to Gordon's character. I can only imagine what they would be dealing with, but I am going to have to take a breather before checking out your sequel.
1/1/2017 c1 Frazilia
I hate that I loved it so much! Poor sammy, he suffered a lot and Dean must have been going out of his mind! Anyways it was awesomely written, loved the descriptions and how you kept it real.
7/31/2016 c1 34Acacia Jules
I really think you have some serious issues that need professional help.
12/18/2015 c1 Siri
I just love your Dean. I'm totally in love with this verse. :)
9/11/2015 c1 sandycub
This is so well written! Brutal and painful but realistic! Dean was written so perfect try - horrified by what is happening to his brother, flipped at his inability to get free and help his brother, just heartbroken! Sam just broke my heart but also made me fall in love with him even more for his strength and determination! Gordon is a sadistic funk king bast are and I'm glad he is dead!
9/2/2015 c1 Anon
You're right, it was brutal but the brotherly love and your point of how you write Dean is good
8/17/2015 c1 4ArianandXaia
...Oh my god...I...just...TT-TT
That was very very well written. I would say it was good but that feels wrong considering what happened. I'm actually crying right now. You legitimately made me cry.
7/17/2015 c1 dayana
wow. this story was so dark, yet so beautifully written i can't even find the words to express how I felt while reading it. i'm just gonna say that you're really talented at writing, this definetly prooved that.
2/5/2015 c1 4Queer Ol' Boy
11/22/2014 c1 Innnnaaactive
Awww poor Sammy. I loved this story!
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