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8/21 c42 Gredon1979
Another well written story hope you add another one soon
7/7 c42 ironspike68
As old as this story is, I can’t believe it doesn’t have more reviews. Wow! What a blended story!

This was a well thought out story and it seems you were very careful with a particular portrayal. Interesting form, but I see why you did it the way you did.

I found myself remembering the various episodes of the different shows and your changes allowed them to move well.

Looking forward to the follow up

7/1 c38 1JemDragon84
Are you going multiverse theory? And only the worlds with a Hellmouth were destroyed?
7/1 c37 JemDragon84
Will Xander be dealing with Wolfram & Hart? That would be interesting.
6/30 c19 JemDragon84
Are they dealing with Snyder still? The vain for their HS career.
6/17 c42 Guest
Cringy nonsensical stupidity
6/16 c1 Guest
Still a moron :(
4/6 c42 3Kedavra Lumos
Once again, thank you! I still love to come back and reread these great old stories. I hope you are still around and finishing more of your stories!
2/6 c26 FriendlyFire59
Thank you! The fact that Mayborne screwed up that badly and nothing happened to the character was the biggest failure of the writers paying attention to their military advisers ever
11/24/2022 c42 ruth hammond
Boy are they right...this has been wonderful! I do not remember chapters 9 and 10 either and now I need to find out here they are... mean while I have to get ready for dinner today [Thanksgiving]...
11/23/2022 c34 ruth hammond
This is a wonderful chapter. There is bad, but then there is really good-good parts...I have been married for over 50 years and still have wonders if there were good things in having a second mate.
10/24/2022 c42 BMS
Awesome story
9/24/2022 c42 BadWolfKris
Loved this!
8/1/2022 c42 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
7/29/2022 c39 Shivers82
Crushing a Gau’uld underfoot? It’s a step in the right direction.
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