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2/4/2021 c27 1Messiaus0015
Okay I know this is an old story and not likely to receive any updates or addendums but I would just like to state that the Parliament passed an equal pay act in 1970 that legally prevented women from being payed less than a man in a comparable position
2/3/2021 c4 ravendor92
I've got to say, this is one of my favorite fanfics. I've read it multiple times and love it. you are an excellent author, keep up the good work.
1/14/2021 c6
sorry to say mr but full moon is EVERY 28 days, as this is xmas dinner its at least near xmas so theres no way the next full moon is feb the 7th sorry to be picky but there you go :)
1/9/2021 c13 fanwitch
This story is awesome!
1/10/2021 c29 kurganxy
I’m really liking this story but I really hope Harry gets over his fear of crowds. Get him a therapist or something. I can see that becoming annoying after a while. I was hoping Xander would have at least suggested it by now. He’s even suggested it for other characters before but he just ignores Harry’s problem? Doesn’t make sense to me. Xander would have definitely taken steps to help him by now.
12/24/2020 c45 sunschao
great story tho im wondering why harry didnt go to a new reality himself since he's death now he should be able to
11/30/2020 c1 8ChopSuzi
"Harry roared a huge roar... for an eleven year old at least..."
I about peed myself laughing as I imagined little Dan Radcliffe going "eeeeeEEEEEEEEEE!" and charging thr troll!
11/29/2020 c14 ShadowHurricane
Fang ? An Alpha ? ... Very AU this world lol
11/2/2020 c45 GeminiEyes
Page turner of a story lol
10/27/2020 c45 Traverler
Your story are wonderful. The writing and the flow of them entraps me and makes me not want to put my ipad down until I am done reading them. You have a wondrous gift of writing. Thank you for writing this and your other stories.
10/24/2020 c45 inistrad
well, I can officially say this story got me through a sleepless night. thank you.
10/23/2020 c1 9K. M. Donovan
just a heads up, i am sending this review as an alert that i am taking you up on your open ended offer to attempt my own version of Potter's Protector.

while i will be making several changes, i will also be trying to keep the original vibe of this fic. i will likely fail, but it is my intent to pay homage to this fic as best i can.

basically i will be using Potter's Protector as a framework for my own fic. it will provide me the basic plot layout, and a few elements to work with. but the rest will be mostly original.

now while i would prefer a response from you, the author, to confirm this, given that you are Agoraphobic? i am not expecting one.

i instead simply hope that when i post my fic sometime in the future, you will remember this and read the fic. see whether or not you enjoy it, and if i did a good job.

i thoroughly enjoy this fic and its sequels. but i have been meaning to do a Harry Potter/Buffy fic for a while, especially one that leads into the multiverse. and this merely provides me with a convenient way to accomplish this. it should also be fun to write as Xander is a hoot as a character.

yes i do intend to eventually tackle Marvel, Smallville and eventually Buffy as well. each will be their own fic. and each will follow the order yours did.

HOWEVER! there will be other fics and worlds in between, allowing me to branch out further.

while i do intend to go the Master of Death/Immortal route, i do not plan to use the Aspect route you took. Harry will not BE Death, more like Death's Fixer. kind of like a Reaper, but with more freedom to act. Reapers are Death's servants, and like Death are bound by certain rules. Harry is not a direct servant to death, but more of a champion, and thus has more room to maneuver.

also there will be worlds that are mentioned, and briefly touched upon via flashback, but are NEVER fully explained. worlds like the Dark Souls Reality.

this is due to the fact that while i like the games, and think i can pull some awesome elements from them? their lore and setup are just not built for coherent story telling. and no, harry will not be the "Chosen Undead/Ashen one" from any of the games. he is, and shall remain a visitor to those worlds. and thus likely the only truly living being in that reality. considering everyone else is undead or similar.

anyways, the general idea and premise will remain the same, but many things will change.

And as always

Thank you for your time.
10/15/2020 c30 elixirmaster
Your Harry is really a hero, glad he's strong enough to only be emo temporarily. Good stuff.
10/14/2020 c26 elixirmaster
Norberta! Noooo!
10/14/2020 c18 elixirmaster
Woop, been waiting for the rat to come up.
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