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8/6 c38 17nagiten
havent they been to grimuald place already
and interesting
8/6 c30 nagiten
poor harry but now the war will be quick and yes it iwll be bloody but not liek it was in canon.
also run tom run for your damn live
and it was 13-15 years not thirty
8/6 c29 nagiten
why would been r2 be a punishment? in my mind been 3po would be more of a punishment for xander
poor xan
8/6 c28 nagiten
how was rita getting in with so much protection around the school joyce active a shit ton of enhanced senses and wards up?
so now they come up with this? why didnt they do so earlier have a map that warns of unauthorize entry? you would think the moment xander learnt of the map he would made more and a larger more powerful one linked to the smaller ones
8/6 c27 nagiten
hmm interesting
didnt the icw kick Dumbledore out so he not mugwump anymore?
8/6 c20 nagiten
hmm i thought hogwart was sovereign ground and couldnt be touched by ministry laws more so now with xander as goblin king?
8/6 c17 nagiten
so why didnt or hasnt harry used his trick of waking people to bring the longbottoms back?
8/6 c15 nagiten
they were told riddle was voldemort so why is harry asking why tom cares about Voldemort?
hmm let see what happens now with more of dumbledores secrets out in the open
8/5 c14 nagiten
why didnt they just sent harry in as a slytherin while theo ther areu nder the cloak? sure he thought of the shifting later but still unlike canon they have adults they can trust and that will help them they didnt have to waste time also why havent they caught peter yet? joyce and xander should be able to find him no problem also why havent the twins mentioned the map to xander ?
also will xander realises the tom hagrid mentioned was tom riddle?
8/5 c12 nagiten
why cant xander tell lockhart lying? also why hasnt harry clicked it parseltongue he hearing?
hmm stupid claws dont piss off a dragon it your damn motto and you have two before you
7/18 c45 SunPho3n1x
Great story! I very much enjoyed reading it. Thank you for writing this!
7/16 c10 2Fomhar Fyre
I understand that you want to find a way of making Ron out to be infantile however you are misinformed about breastfeeding. The World Health Organization recommends to nurse up to at least 2 years old and even longer if both the mother and child wish it.

It's actually much more common around the world to breastfeed in this fashion.

Also please look into what type of society the wizarding world is. I highly doubt modern muggle formula would be at all welcomed. So breastfeeding would be the norm.
7/7 c26 yrlastin
Poor Norbert!
7/5 c16 mumphie
Rereading - fot this bit - not liking anything that keeps young Teddy from this world.
7/2 c14 scyfly
this is filled with inconsistencies and outright contradictions, despite that it is a mildly amusing story but it def should be labled parody/crackfic
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