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12/25/2022 c12 1blcoachmac
Someone just messed their pants!
12/25/2022 c8 blcoachmac
Cut his head clean off!
12/25/2022 c7 blcoachmac
Save Narcissa!
12/25/2022 c6 blcoachmac
Ruin Dumbledore existence!
12/25/2022 c3 blcoachmac
Snape is SNAFU’ed, FUBAR’ed and other anagram you want to use!
12/25/2022 c1 blcoachmac
Interesting and different!
12/11/2022 c1 2avigor
So for anyone who looks at reviews before they read: description is missing that Major Character Death is a part of this fic, not just "violence." I was freaking enjoying this before that...
11/17/2022 c45 ruth hammond
I think that I am going crazy...I cannot figure out how to sign in so that it is easier to do reviews...any way, I once again will apologize for not doing more reviews. This has been a wonderful story and I really enjoyed it. This last chapter was a mixed bag...Highs and very lows...this last pat of the chapter was extremely depressing, but the promise of follow up segments was a God send I will try to find them. I have found a problem with my lap top and this is not the same as this version and I can not seem to be able to get it to update...on to the search for the next segment to this story.
11/13/2022 c19 ruth hammond
This chapter is a blast! I am still is now 6:10 am...time to get some sleep. Thank you...
11/11/2022 c5 ruth hammond
This is one of those chapters that I love to read. The kid gets the help that he/she needs and the bad guys are facing some real punishment! Oh to see more of that in the real world and not in a fiction story...
Back to the story...
11/6/2022 c45 SunPho3n1x
Such a great story! I absolutely loved this! Thank you for writing it!
10/22/2022 c45 rosanegra3841
Todas tus historias son maravillosas, gracias por compartirlas, me alegran el día y me hacen viajar a mundos increíbles, que tengas éxito en tu vida y seas feliz.
10/18/2022 c45 darkimortal
The story was okay. The ending was kind of lame. It just doesn't make any sense to me that death can't share his gift and have a few people that are immortal with him.
10/17/2022 c10 fanficfan1981
in your author's note you mentioned about how people were complaining about the Omega wolf being the lowest ranking wolf... actually that's not true at all there is no such thing as alpha Omega beta anything the guy that literally wrote the book on the topic came back years later and tried to disprove his own theory that he literally wrote because he realized that his first observations were 100% wrong and based on nothing. so just keep writing what you're writing you're doing fine don't listen to idiots that base their beliefs on outdated scientific knowledge that's been proven wrong they probably even still believe goldfish have three second memories or it takes 7 years to digest a piece of gum...morons just trying to make themselves seem smarter by giving you a hard time so don't let it get to you.
10/13/2022 c36 darkimortal
Honestly, this story is boring. This is like a fix it fic but worse because a fix it fic would have stopped after first year. With all the powers that Xander's group has it makes zero sense that the story still ongoing in Harry's 5th Year. Voldemort shouldn't be an issue by now, the ministry shouldn't be an issue by now and Dumbledore shouldn't be an issue by now. The story is still somehow broad stroke Canon, which doesn't make any sense with all the changes that you've already made. This world shouldn't be anything like Canon by now, the butterflies would have been flapping already.

I understand that you wanted to make tension with Voldemort and the ministry out and about. Honestly though, you would have been better with Dumbledore and Grindelwald teaming up together as enemies to Xander and Harry then all of this nonsense. The ministry should have been put down years ago, Voldemort should have been hunted down like a dog years ago. Also how is Flophart still a thing? With Xander's luck it doesn't make any sense for Lockhart still be out and about.
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