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12/24/2011 c2 Rick BGOH
It's an interesting concept. I do look forward to seeing how Joyce and Xander make some lives difficult(like the Dursley's). I will look forward to your next chapter.
12/24/2011 c1 31Sakura Lisel
Cool! I can't wait for the next chapter. ;D plus i'm alwaysglad to see Joyce make a comeback in fanfics. *lol* though WHY did Harry automatically head for the cupboard under the stairs in his new 'home' he shares with Xander and Hermione? He doesn't sleep in a cupboard at Hogwarts, so WHY did he automatically assume Xander and Joyce would make him sleep in one NOW just like the Dursleys do when hes 'home' instead of going upstairs to his brand new BEDROOM they TOLD HIM they were giving him that once belonged to one of Joyce-Hogwarts former human daughters?
12/24/2011 c1 mithrilandtj

Can't wait for more!
12/23/2011 c1 9Flame Shadow1
I love this story so far. Your use of Joyce is new and very interesting. I cannot wait for the next chapter. Keep up the wonderful work.
12/23/2011 c1 Chi Vayne
It's a nice start. I hope you plan to continue this.

I have to admit that I like how you have portrayed Dumbledore. Far too often I see him portrayed as catering to Snape where here you have him much more in character, including (unfortunately) his habit of keeping everything to himself. And, going along with that, as you had Joyce point out, not asking for other people's opinions. I think you have Xander down quite well, and of course he is going to help. He probably would have in any case but with Joyce asking it's a no-brainer. Although I could see him muttering "You break one measly prophecy and you get labeled for life."

So Xander will accompany Harry to his classes? Professor Snape may think he has sneering down to an art form, but Xander has practiced his snarking against Cordelia Chase, so my vote on this would be for Xander.
12/23/2011 c1 darkroseofwolf
love it update soon
12/23/2011 c1 177Firehedgehog
ohh.. love this fic. continue
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