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7/20/2015 c5 bluewolf2208
Continue this story !
4/13/2015 c5 Guest
ummmmmmmm did you die IT'S BEEN 3 YEARS THREE YEARS OMG
10/16/2014 c5 Nimlos
6/27/2014 c5 41Blyssabella
I liked it, though.
6/27/2014 c4 Blyssabella
Next chappie! I cannot wait!
6/27/2014 c3 Blyssabella
I loved this chappie!
6/27/2014 c2 Blyssabella
Aw poor Carly!
6/27/2014 c1 Blyssabella
1/16/2014 c2 2Im a Angel with a Shot Gun
9/9/2013 c2 Guest
This is really cool!
2/23/2013 c5 big fan
no keep going i really wanna here the rest
2/23/2013 c1 big fan
its really cool keeep going!
11/30/2012 c5 TheElegantFaerie
So will this turn out to be Sam/Freddie? Though it would be funny to see more of Sam's run ins with Draco? Or maybe have someone in Slytherin piss Sam off and Sam starts beating them with her butter sock! :)
9/15/2012 c5 Guest
Its Dobby not Dopey,and if i,m correct about what book this is in, Prisonor of Azkaban, he doese not work in the kitchens until book 4. But the plot is wonderful. Keep writing.
A harry potter fan
8/4/2012 c1 1222222222
lol wow!
this is weird but in a funny way.
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