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1/9/2020 c1 Guest
Well that was fun. I know nothing about Ringer except JD plays Mr Carpenter.
I enjoyed this fic
9/12/2015 c1 1JeniLyn2000
As someone who hated the show and only watched for Jason Dohring, I can see this as actually being the back story for these two. I hated what was done within canon. I think I was hesitant to read this because of that. I saw a review on tumblr and decided to give it a read. I'm so glad I did, this will now be my head canon. It's fantastic and the slow build you did here, makes the ending so powerful. Well done.
12/19/2012 c1 CYLi
Just wanna say I think this story is soooo good! I'd always thought the forbidden relationship between student/teacher very hot. I like Tessa because she's not your miss perfect Mary-Sue, and she's got her issues. And I like how you tie it all in the the canon with Juliet. Thanks for this! I looke forward to reading more from you ;)
7/9/2012 c1 sarahberah1121
I love this! I hope you continue with it, even though the show's over!
3/10/2012 c1 ujemaima
A remarkable, well-written fanfic. It was immensely enjoyable to read.
2/24/2012 c1 6rkoviper
OH MY GOSH! THIS WAS BRILLIANT! I love this. This was so brilliantly written, I actually felt like I was actually watching an episode of Ringer. :D I love the chemistry between Mr. C and Tessa, it was amazing and so intense. I also love how you potrayed Tessa here, her attitude, her personality everything! I could almost feel her through my computer screen and it was amazing!

One shot for now huh? I actually hope this turns out into a story, because I know it will be amazing. Long one-shot, yes, and let me tell you I read EVERYTHING! I couldn't stop reading... :D And that barely ever happens to me.

1/31/2012 c1 CHjsksgbkwkd
You are an artist. This is just pure magic. Long, yes, but I enjoyed reading it. I just love the chemistry between these two but at the same time a romance (at least in the show) is not an option. But you made my dreams come true in 24,945 words! A well-written story that makes you think. There really was thoughts behind the words. You know, depth. Not just empty words to fill the pages. The way their relationship grew was believable. Your way of telling their thoughts and feelings, two lone wolves, halves for each other. Their resemblance and everything. The way Jamie had to fight his feelings because it is wrong. The whole forbidden love... It's heartbreaking. THIS is heartbreaking. But beautiful. And absolutely perfect.
1/6/2012 c1 Lauren
This was very well written and a very enjoyable read, thank you.
1/3/2012 c1 Natskl
WOW! This was amazing! First of all, I must first say that I do NOT read any fan fiction other than Veronica Mars...put simply, VM fiction is the only stories I'm interested in reading. Upon seeing this post from you though, I could not resist and decided to go ahead and read it, even though I have never watched Ringer (only because I don't have access to it, yet) and therefore am not familiar with the characters...except ofcourse Mr Carpenter, who I am very well aware, is portrayed by the awesome Jason Dohring, whom I simply adore! There are 2 reasons I could not resist this story...number 1, because it's based on a character portrayed by JD and 2, because you are the author. Your writing is simply amazing and I found myself really engrossed in the story, high on emotion and enjoyment. I absolutely loved it and as usual, you SO delivered! Whether this remains a one-shot or if you continue the story, it's already on my favourites list! Looking forward to all you have in store for us this year!
12/30/2011 c1 50elliemuze
Coming from someone who's written Juliet/Carpenter... I LOVE THIS. SO, SO MUCH. I just... WOW. Fantastic, excellent, magnificent. You know, I also suspected a Tessa/Carpenter thing while watching the episodes. In my mind, I was a little iffy as to whether I would like it if they went that direction, but this beautiful little fic has erased all doubt from my mind.

Plus, after Juliet's little bombshell in the fall finale... I just... that 'ship had holes in it before, but now it is completely sunk for me. I mean, I absolutely hate to think that she's lying (due to the gravity of her claim) but the alternative is just too unbelievable and so far out of left field it made me nauseous. So yeah. It kills me to think it (because were it real life I would always afford support to the assumed victim) but Juliet is totally lying. She has to be, and I hate her for it.

So, again... you rock. I NEVER jump 'ships, but... there's a first time for everything! Thanks for this, because I was totally shocked when he said "Tessa" for the first time, too. ;D
12/29/2011 c1 9LifelongObsessor
Oh my god. I am so very very happy I have you on Author Alert! I will admit, at first I was a little bummed not to see a VM update ... but you made up for it so much with this fic! You can write Veronica Mars AND Ringer? ... Yupp. This is fantastic.

This was a really interesting point of view on the Tessa/MrC relationship! I, too, picked up on a couple subtle vibes coming off Tessa on the show, but I always chalked it up to the fact that she was probably just crushing on Mr. C as well. How did I not think of this, that it worked both ways? I have no idea ... but that only made this an even more interesting read.

This was really great ... albeit a tad creepy because of the age difference thing. The saying "Age is just a number ... unless she's sixteen, then it's a felony," comes to mind. (Yes, yes, I know Tessa is 17, but still.) I really admire how you were able to dance around the issue of this, though. It was very sweet and honest and enjoyable, despite the dark reality of the situation. I really enjoyed it!

And can I just say, somewhat off topic-ly … I’m a little miffed all of Jason Dohring’s characters on my favorite shows keep getting painted as rapists. Seriously. First Veronica, now Juliet … Why does this happen? Do people just think he looks like a rapist? Do casting directors just think he has “one of those faces” or something? Because *I* certainly don’t get that vibe. *I* think he's wonderful … Ahem. End rant.

Great fic, overall! It worked well in canon and made me consider things I hadn’t before. I hope to see more Ringer work out of you after the show returns, either on this fic or another. Keep up the great writing! :)
12/28/2011 c1 3KK161990
I really like this. I hope you continue.
12/28/2011 c1 Leah
You are a genius to have thought of that. It’s the best fic I’ve ever read. Please, keep going on like this.
12/28/2011 c1 Jen
Wow. I NEVER would have thought of these two together. Not only have you made me love this pairing, now I'll be upset if they don't do this on the show! This was long but I still wanted more so good job! I like how you added in lines from the show so I knew when things happened. Hahaha love him in a tie too. Hoping for more ringer fics from you soon, and VM too. Thanks for posting and happy new years!
12/26/2011 c1 KatiePotatie
I really adore this fic. I definitely see the looks that Jamie shares with Tessa in the show and I'm officially a Jessa shipper. Although we don't know his name is really Jamie, but I like it cause it's a hot boy name. So good!
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