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5/3/2020 c1 derekctomlinson
astrid smirking at her boyfriend hiccup haddock what are you the kissing bandit
4/17/2019 c1 3JennaSPN
urghhh so damn cute
1/29/2019 c1 6Whovianeverlark17
haha, this was cute
10/15/2018 c1 avidreader
And that my friends is how kissing under the mistletoe came to be and the kick-start of every Christmas love-fic. Yaknog wasn't well received but eggnog will be. Maybe Hiccup could start other traditions with his soulmate.
9/18/2017 c1 32freyjaera
It was adorable! Love the conversations with the others and of course, with Astrid. It left me grinning.
3/16/2015 c1 violets fire
Awwwww cute. Of course hiccup and his innocently dangerous ideas yet he escaped so point hiccup his prize a scarf
9/20/2014 c1 45MelodiousVengeance
This was totally adorable.
Well written and well thought out. Great work.
8/4/2014 c1 8HappilyBlue
Love It :)
2/8/2014 c1 ivanganev1992
ook nice but in which mounth starts the Bork's week.
1/28/2014 c1 2Angryhenry
Ha ha, you should write more stuff like this
12/4/2013 c1 11roobaby2011
11/8/2013 c1 7EmmerzK
This was so precious, no wonder that it won an award! Congrats! :D I love that Hiccup was more confident in this story :) Keep up the good work!
9/29/2013 c1 16Spannerspoon
Awwww! Brilliant little fic-let, are you going to expand this into more traditions? Please?

Brilliant again, loved it!
9/17/2013 c1 WAFFLEZ
Dat Hiccstrid.
7/27/2013 c1 Justanotherspazzedoutfangirl
Oh gods that was so cute!
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