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for Mistletoe

12/28/2011 c1 5Paisley the Flowergirl
Precious! Your description is awesome, and fourteen-year-old Jack is pretty adorable. And it makes me very happy that Skittery was in this. Poor guy... But very, very Christmasy nonetheless!

Carryn' the Banner!

12/24/2011 c1 MissThursday
That was lovely! Your writing is so descriptive- I'm sitting here listening to Christmas music and your story went just perfectly :) Also it had Mush in it, so I'm a happy camper. Merry Christmas Stress!
12/24/2011 c1 20Austra
This was pure genius. Plus, it was /extremely/ funny and well-written. Amusing, clever, and funny plot...excellent characters...generally an awesome and fun story! :)


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