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8/20/2019 c52 PendragonPrime
Ok. just gotta say the pussy-footing around with Ron dealing with Harry and Ginny is getting ridiculous. 1) Harry and Ginny have been together longer than Ron and Hermione.
2) Both Harry and Ginny could out-duel Ron on their worst days.
Lets face it, Ron is probably the worst duelist out of the four of them. If Ron gets mad at it, he's the worst sort of hypocrite there is.
5/2/2019 c65 Brooklyn2007
i like this but i wished it had more hinny
12/6/2018 c26 4HelloBeautifulChild
Loving the story! So glad that Hermione and Ron worked things out! Super bummed that Harry isn't the quidditch captain though. Ah, well, it's a lovely story.
12/6/2018 c12 HelloBeautifulChild
Just started reading this story and I adore it but... You had to choice to let Hedwig live and yet... Shame!

Anyway, jokes (mostly) aside, loving this story! It's so well written and I also like Hermione/Ron!
10/15/2018 c1 Troy S. Cash
Most of his other stories are OK, even if unfinished. This one is pure crap. Take all the bad decisions and moronic actions that Rowling had in the book, then add even more.
The story wanders around from nowhere to nowhere, taking 25% of what's up for them to even get to Hogwarts.
I've finished all his other stories even when I thought they were so-so. This one I finally gave up on, I couldn't stomach it anymore.
6/12/2018 c10 Veronica McClure
R u sure u won't have this Hedwig flying ahead of the three teens, eventually, acting as a scout? Proving in her owl brain and to Harry that she can b inconspicuous?
2/4/2018 c1 Guest
7/26/2017 c103 Jamie0
So I've just finished reading. Honestly, not completely sure why I didn't drop it sometime in the middle, considering how much it hews to canon. And in the end, we are at the same place as canon, except Hermione's parents are dead and there's a new child. Which could just as easily have been accomplished by their parents dying in Australia after giving birth.

Did Voldemort not completely take over the ministry? Oh well, the same people are dead as canon. Did Snape take over the school much later than canon? Oh well, the end result is the same. Did Ginny come along on the hunt? Oh well, essentially the same events happened even if there were variations. In the end, none of the changes mattered.

And there were some incredibly useless events, such as Ron's memory issues. That whole part could have been left out and the story would have been the same.
6/4/2017 c8 Tlis
It would be nice, if you checked the dialogues in French with some French native speaker . E.g. Venir sur means to come (infinitive) followed by "on" understood literally as in "on the floor". I am Polish, but I would rather say "viens, ma petite soeur"
2/5/2017 c1 dragonfox123
Awesome chapter and plot and amazing idea
10/28/2016 c1 27Hippothestrowl
Decent start but you don't need the amateurish pov or flashback headings - they are irrelevant and never occur in professional literature. The right way is to rapidly indicate changes in the narrative and you've already correctly done that by stating the location/time.

Interesting premise that Voldemort hasn't taken over the Ministry and Hogwarts - don't think I've seen that before so look forward to finding out how it works out...
12/11/2015 c78 1TheProphetBVB
Rereading this story, cuz I got bored with all the other ones on this site. I love your writing and most of this story, but this chapter is the main part of the story that I don't care for. Just not a fan of the "Ron loses his memory" storyline.
12/9/2015 c39 TheProphetBVB
And on this weeks episode of Why None of the Trio are in Ravenclaw... They realized weeks ago that basilisk venom can destroy horcruxes, and they can easily access the chamber...
7/24/2015 c32 TheProphetBVB
Not a fan of Harry not making the Quidditch team. I get that it was because of the locket and I'm sure there's a reason for it, but some of my favorite parts of the books and fics are when Harry plays quidditch.
4/2/2015 c39 5Blue Luver5000
Great chapter
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