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5/27 c5 Mmonpaw-shine
Are you dead it’s been years since you undated?
Good story though
3/6/2019 c5 14alucardgal
awe! So cute! This is my first step in Harry Potter and Hellboy crossover! it's soo cute how HB is with Harry and Antonio!
8/24/2018 c5 deathwearsblack
please update.
6/30/2017 c5 8Captain James H00K
I know it's been a while since you did this story but, I hope you do continue it at some later date. The fact that Harry and his friend Antonio are going to grow up as part of the BPD or whatever it's called for a good few years is really going to open their eyes. Speaking of will they get any training? If so what kind? What type of boys will they be if they go to school? What adventures will Harry have with his training? What will the Professors of Hogwarts think of him? Or if you decide to, what will they think of him and Antonio? I hope you continue this sometime.
Captain Jas. Hook
3/4/2017 c5 Guest
*imagines Hellboy carrying the sleeping boys*
So cute~!
2/18/2017 c3 TyanataDraven
this is how I imagine Hellboy would be. He is a big kid after all.
7/18/2016 c5 4Ravyn Moon 1313
please continue this story it is so fun and I am dieing to see what happens next I beg of thee to continue and you so have my favorite and follow on this
12/23/2015 c5 1reveress-plegue
Awesome more please when u can
12/10/2015 c5 SoulMore
11/28/2015 c5 Guest
Please continue this story
9/25/2015 c5 Guest
I liked this one, it was a little funny the way the little kids acted. But I cannot get over the fact that your version of HB is a trialing the lawyer career, (what type did you chose for him?). And the way the Professor acts, (not really). Maybe for anything else you might do, you could include Abe and Liz as the boy's friends? Like Harrison going for the blue fishman with a large prefrontal cortex, and Antonio for the moodyish pyrokinetic girl with indecisivey habits? (This is my partial view on the movie versions of Abe and Liz) watch the movies, especially Golden Army's bonus features!
9/25/2015 c4 Younghound
I would have gotten a little lost at that point to.
And why'd you have HB practically be a Dexter? And a lawyer? Going along with the movies, I'd think he'd be more of a mercenary. And the Professor, HB's dad, should've stayed britishy, and HB wouldn't have had an accent anyways, the Proffesor lived in an American military camp for the time HB learned to talk. Yeah, there, it was otherwise ok. Good.
9/14/2015 c5 dogman999
Love the first 5 chapter keep up the good work.
Just read it and loved it can't wait to see more of it and found out what happens next.
3/2/2015 c5 2Girl with guns
Soooo... almost 2 years since this was last updated? Are you gonna finish it?
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