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for Unusual Circumstances

8/23/2013 c5 4OldestOfTheYoung
I can see this becoming a very interesting story with the way you've started it. Pleased update soon!
8/21/2013 c5 GracieWolf
I haven't been on Fanfic for a while...being a full-time college studets stinks. Especially in the summer...
Anywho...LOVE IT!
Please update soon!
8/12/2013 c5 14elvesknightren
hope you update soon,really interesting story :)
8/12/2013 c3 elvesknightren
will Hellboy still have his cats?
this might sound stupid but as a second question,but will the kids never see the orphanage again or will they?
8/12/2013 c2 elvesknightren
I have a question did Hellboy look like Hellboy when he met the Durselys?
7/25/2013 c5 Snekullent
Good stuff! need more!
5/4/2013 c2 marcus nightfire
Hope you really enjoyed it so far
4/13/2013 c5 Azera-v
Cool story idea, please continue and update it soon.
3/23/2013 c5 22MelissaRM
please update soon
3/22/2013 c5 5Wolf Dragon Demon
Keep up the great work and update when you can.
3/22/2013 c5 3Caelus06
i'm soo glad to see a new chapter !
3/22/2013 c5 26917brat
this is sooo good and makes me really egaer for more please keep it up.
2/18/2013 c4 4Black-Kat012
wow... this story is amazing to read
keep on going with this story, it sounds like its getting good by the second.
also, can't wait till harry and Antonio meet Abe Sapien too, another british like person in the BPRD.
which reminds me, what will the two kids reactions will be when they see the place?
2/18/2013 c4 1camierose
this is asowme like srsly asowme
2/10/2013 c4 Saturnblue
It's pretty interesting as to see Hell boy trying to become a lawyer and Lily's sister dump Harry into a nicer orphanage. It will be good for Harry to have a best friend who will be adopted by either Hell boy or his father. Both of them will have excellent adventures. The technology is pretty advance for a hidden organization.
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