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for Liebe Getrunken

9/17/2012 c1 jUsTaNothErFuJoShi
OMG, so sad! This took place during the time of when the Berlin wall fell and Prussia was taken by Russia. DX I almost cried at the bed, BUT, I'm on public transportation so I much pull myself together

Awesome fic, loved it!

1/3/2012 c1 27roughdiamond5
Wow, it's something else to see Italy first surly, then drunk, then mature in his confession of love. Although I would be suspicious if this were in any other fanfiction or even in the canon, strangely it works here. And Ludwig is just too cute! But the main reason I feel I must review is because of Prussia. I don't expect such sweet oneshots to have such dark endings - again, it works here - and this one was one of the most bittersweet endings. Oh, Prussia... He's definitely his awesome self, and he's as happy for Italy and Germany as I am. Even if he's saying goodbye to his brother forever.
12/31/2011 c1 8Crystal Hope Dragon
I've always heard of it as Feliciano, but that works too. The story was good, but the ending was extremely sad. It was a great piece of work though, please keep up the good work. ^^
12/27/2011 c1 2Kisa2012
I really loved it~! great job :3
12/26/2011 c1 6Meluzina
this is so sweet! And i like the seductive Feliciano! And I just adore the name "Felici" It`s so sweet!

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